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Do i have any evidence
« on: February 20, 2016, 11:37:42 AM »
Its just a story. Just a story. There are true and some are imagination. This is a true one. But its about imagination so imagination is secondary to the true one. It just lives inside reality and the imagination got stolen by the police. It is a true story about imagination and what happens in the real world on the internet and in one persons imagination. And the dynamics of that. Its true and i see i migth got proof and a strong case. I think i might hold. I sont understand why norhing happens. But just sent the evidence. I unervaluated it i think. Connected ro the story its stronger. I migth make wrong conclution sometimes about whats happening on the phone. But its pattern. Ithe phone was crazy sometimes. And the malware that calls when it can damage relations only once and evidence. I belive i can solve it. And i have used my imagination in that prosess. I have been thinking much about games. Chess and poker. Gametheory. And used analogs to see what game i should play. It much like poker. Cutting losses. All in. Was almost fold to cut my losses and withdraw from that game. They dont play by the rules. I had to also not play by the rules. For me it was about generating as much information and sharing od that. I had my own way to call the police. Tried on the phone. Then i used my imagination but it did not go as planned. I hoped someone could blow the wissle. Because this is unbelivable and a form of psykologival torture that migth be more damaging than pfysikal. Actually om not absolutely sure about what im saying here. But there are indications that something is about to go terrible wrong in a democrasy with the best reputation. They least have to explain all this and also the evidence i got. Things are beginning to fall in place. Im careful drawing conclutions but hava to have hypothises too. Some must at least have an explanation. What the fuck is happening. Im wairing to see the value of what i belive is valid evidence. Im waiting dor an explanation from police and a validation of what i have tried before(bu then send together wirh lots od other crap. Not competent and without any explanation of the situation) make a lot of noise and hope it speeads and generate a lot of information snd mistakes can happen. Its more difficult for me to lie. Situations happens. Its complicated dynamic relstionship of what happens on the phone, me behavior as a result of that, how they react. The blint part who or what is malware. Solid evidence im lucky i got. Police station, hsppening over long time. Patterns it follows, my imagination, hugr amount of info. I csnt lie. The only explanation would be insanity. But i got proof. And a long story and i have tried to make a mindfields so when i ignite i hope it eill be a huge explotion. That more shows up. Dont mix imagionstion and whatd real. I hope i got enough to make a detonarion and that it will start a chain reaction. Acually migth be good what i got.