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SafeSource from Forbes
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SafeSource from Forbes

How to use SafeSource

 Download Tor 

Privacy Policy

At Forbes, we want individuals with newsworthy information to come forward and communicate with our journalists free from outside surveillance, especially when what they're communicating is so sensitive that it must be sent anonymously. We've created SafeSource to offer that extra protection. You can use it to send files or tips to our online dropbox without having your identity known--even to us.

By routing your messages through the Tor anonymity network and avoiding any cookies or other records of visitors, SafeSource is designed to protect both the content of your communications and your identity more strongly than traditional email.

SafeSource is based on the open-source, security-audited architecture known as SecureDrop, created by James Dolan and the late Aaron Swartz and funded in part by the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

How To Use SafeSource
  • Simply visit and follow the directions to download Tor.
  • Then run Tor, which launches the Tor Browser, and copy the following into its address bar:http://2xtsq3ekkxjpfm4l.onion/
  • From there you'll be provided with more instructions and a passphrase for your personal SafeSource account so that you can begin communicating anonymously with our reporters.
  • We'll work to investigate any tips or documents you provide so that your information has the maximum impact on and in the pages of Forbes Magazine.

Our Privacy Policy

SafeSource is a product owned and physically controlled by Forbes Media LLC ("Forbes"), ( Through SafeSource, we have produced a mechanism that enables you to contact our writers and editors anonymously, providing for greater security than using conventional e-mail. Forbes values your privacy, and will not store or record information about your operating system, browser, computer and/or your IP address when you use or visit the SafeSource server ("the Server") located at http://2xtsq3ekkxjpfm4l.onion/. We also will not embed or deliver cookies to your browser.

The SafeSource server is located in a separate and secure data center. SafeSource is an independent product and Forbes' infrastructure and network share no commonalities with it.

SafeSource is intended to be accessed only through a network called the Tor anonymity network. SafeSource, as a service, is set up to conceal both your online and physical location from Forbes and offers full end-to-end encryption for your communications with us.

Forbes does not make any representations or warranties as to SafeSource, and your use of SafeSource is on an "as is" basis, at your own risk. We do not represent that SafeSource provides perfect security. Your passphrase is unique. Please do not share it with others. Forbes is under no liability for any problems or actions arising from you sharing your passphrase with others. We maintain no liability in the event your computer is compromised and you should consider any communications through SafeSource in such an event to be compromised as well. Forbes also does not make any guarantee as to SafeSource's uptime.