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WildLeaks - who they are
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Project Leader
Andrea Crosta
Andrea has 25 years of experience in conservation & research projects all over the world, and 15 years of experience in high-level security & risk management. He is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the California based Elephant Action League (EAL) and since 1989 he has been involved in a variety of conservation projects in Africa, Asia, South America and Europe. He was a part of the team that uncovered the link between the ivory trade and the Somali terrorist group al-Shabaab (

Andrea has also a business career and for over 15 years he has been working as an international consultant to companies and governmental agencies on high-end security services, homeland security, investigation and risk management, a unique knowledge that he also applies to conservation and wildlife protection. In 1998, he founded ‘Think Italy’, one of the very first e-commerce companies in Italy. He holds a Master Degree in Natural Sciences, a Master Degree in Business & Innovation and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Project Managers & Advisors

Pauline Verheij
Pauline is an environmental lawyer specialized in the investigation and prosecution of transnational environmental and wildlife crime, particularly violations of CITES (Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of wild fauna and flora).

Between 2001 and 2009 Pauline has worked as a legal advisor with the Dutch police’s serious environmental crime unit and as a wildlife crime policy advisor with the Dutch public prosecutors office. In 2009 she joined TRAFFIC/WWF where, based in Malaysia, she coordinated their activities to combat illegal tiger trade.

In 2012 she started her own consultancy, EcoJust, where she advises NGOs and (inter-)governmental organizations on issues related to the implementation and enforcement of (international) biodiversity law. She is in the Advisory Boards of the Elephant Action League and Global Eye and in the Board of the Moroccan Primate Conservation foundation.

Bryan Christy

Bryan Christy is the Director of Special Investigations and Contributing Writer for National Geographic, a public speaker, and author of the non-fiction book The Lizard King: the true crimes and passions of the world’s greatest reptile smugglers. His work on wildlife crime has been cited as one of ten ways national Geographic has changed the world. He has appeared on such programs as PBS NewsHour, CNN’s Amanpour, MSNBC’s NOW with Alex Wagner, Fox News, NPR’s the Diane Rehm Show.

A frequent speaker on wildlife crime (e.g., for universities, INTERPOL, AELERT, CITES, USFWS, USDOJ, US Dept of State, Siam Society, Malaysian Academy of Sciences), and on the power of storytelling, he was selected as a Centennial Speaker by the US Department of Justice, Environment and Natural Resources Division. He is a founding editor of National Geographic’s A Voice for Elephant’s Blog.

Fiona Macleod

Fiona, a pioneering South African environmental journalist, is the head of the Oxpeckers Center, Africa’s first journalistic investigation unit focusing on environmental issues. She worked as an award-winning journalist and editor at a range of the region’s top media.

She served as environmental editor at the Mail & Guardian newspaper for 10 years, and was awarded the prestigious Nick Steele awardrecognising her contributions to environmental conservation through her pioneering reportage.
She is currently still the editor of the M&G Greening the Future and the M&G Investing in the Future CSI/R awards programmes. She is also a member of the judging panel of the eta Awards, which showcase efficient use of energy. 

Fiachra Kearney

Specializing in tackling wildlife and human trafficking, Fiachra holds an Master of Science in Conservation Biology and has an extensive background in intelligence, investigations and security operations across Africa and S.E. Asia. Former Head of Africa for a discrete private security firm, he has also worked with the Australian & South African Governments, the Wildlife Conservation Society and the African Wildlife Foundation.

He is the founder and now CEO of Global Eye, a world-wide initiative designed to challenge the accepted norms in preventing wildlife and human trafficking. Fiachra has spent 21 years living and working in Africa, S.E. Asia and the Middle East.