Author Topic: Australia - Refugees' internet services blocked !  (Read 1679 times)

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Australia - Refugees' internet services blocked !
« on: September 29, 2015, 15:40:19 PM »
The island nation of Nauru may be tiny — it’s only 21 square kilometers (8.5 square miles) — but what is happening there matters to people around the world. This summer, the Nauru government officially blocked Facebook and internet services until it could pass measures to protect its residents from “abusive” content online. We asked you to tell Nauru to stop blocking the internet. Get this: three months later, Facebook is still blocked.
 Now Nauru has to go before the United Nations. In November, Nauru will have its human rights record reviewed by the Human Rights Council, and we need to hold it accountable. Governments should NEVER shut off any part of the internet. Period.

 Tell Nauru to end its blocking of the internet.
 Nauru operates an immigration detention center (funded by the Australian government) for people seeking asylum in Australia. Men, women, and children are held there — often in abusive conditions — while authorities decide whether to grant them full refugee protection and resettlement in Nauru, Papua New Guinea, or Cambodia, but not Australia, the very country where they are seeking asylum.
 Without the internet, asylum seekers in Nauru are losing vital connections to loved ones, colleagues, and family, deeply impacting their quality of life and denying them important resources for obtaining asylum.

 Sign the petition to tell the government of Nauru to turn the internet back on!
 In August, a Senate committee from Australia released an official report condemning the conditions it found in Nauru after investigating the detention center — which is just another word for a prison. Its discoveries were shocking. These refugees seeking help are suffering from malnourishment and abuse, and they need to tell their stories to their loved ones and the world.

 Sign the petition to help restore access to the internet for asylum seekers in Nauru.

 P.S. — For more information on why what happens in Nauru is so important, check out our blog post.