Author Topic: Twente chairman quits over secret transfer deal agreement  (Read 2233 times)

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Twente chairman quits over secret transfer deal agreement
« on: December 16, 2015, 17:32:33 PM »
Twente chairman quits over secret transfer deal agreement 

Sport November 25, 2015    
Photo: FC Twente

The chairman of Eredivisie football club FC Twente resigned on Tuesday evening following revelations about the club’s controversial agreement with investment group Doyen Sports. The interests of the club have always been paramount and these are now under threat, Aldo van der Laan said in a statement. ‘The continuing doubts are damaging FC Twente.’ Millionaire Van der Laan took over the helm at Twente earlier this year after the club got into serious financial difficulties. Earlier on Tuesday secret documents giving more details of the deal cut by Van der Laan and his predecessor Joop Munsterman with Doyen leaked out. Last year Doyen agreed to put €5m into the club in return for a percentage of the transfer fee for seven players. However, the leaked documents show the deal gives Doyen considerable say over Twente’s transfer policy, which the club has always denied and which is banned by the football association KNVB. The KNVB immediately brought in its licensing committee to investigate, prompting Van der Laan’s resignation.