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Ive been lucky
« on: February 20, 2016, 14:29:38 PM »
I thing i might have a longshot. I think i have one shot to knock the assholes down. Il try anyway.

I see som cracks now and i will knock with everything i have and as long as it takes. Thats for sure. I think it migth. Be a possibility now. The shot seems shorter now and when i began writing letters here and to the press, police and spesial unit. I made me think. And i sent a lot of crap to eos but those sms are there. And the edison thing i have shown people and mentioned in first concersation with police. But i belive it got more value. Also the gmail account. Il hit them with what i got. Il tell the story and il see if the are more possibilities. This made me think better. Its been a good prosess since i began writing that thinh begin to fall in place. And that there is a longshot. And i see cracks now. Just waitng for the explanation. Things fall into place bettrt now i see value of evidence. Im by the way not competent but it must habe more value. So im thinkimg how to strike next. Is there more that could be relevant?