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Chat - Guidelines.
« on: August 06, 2011, 22:14:41 PM »
Please note that the chat box is reservered for support service only. Anyone is welcome to ask questions regarding the forum and how to make best use of it. The chat shouldn't be used for general chat purposes. If you want to talk to your friends etc then please use private message system ( PM ) or log onto the Wikileaks IRC.

Since the chatterbox is the first thing new and old members see, we ask you to stick to the following rules.

1.) No flame wars are allowed in the chatterbox. Every member has his or her free own opinion and is allowed to have.

2.) Don't post offensive or harrassing texts. Please be respectful to the viewpoints and opinions of other members.

3.) Please don't flood the chatterbox. If you have an important statement or want to open a deep discussion open a new thread :) The chatterbox is way too fast and many interesting topics might just be left out because of that.

4.) DON'T USE ALL CAPS. It's considered as YELLING and most people regard it as impolite.

5.) Don't post commercial links in the chatterbox. If you post a link, please explain why or what is on the linked site. We recommend that members don't click unknown links for their own safety.

6.) Don't ask personal questions to other members (e.g. "Where are you from?"). IF you want to ask such things, please respect that other members might not answer.

7.) Since this Forum is international we ask you to use english in the chat box so every member can understand you.

8.) Please respect the intervention by Admins and Moderators. They want to make sure that every member can use the chat box and is welcome there. So if a member of the staff asks you to e.g. be polite, please follow that instruction. If you have the feeling you're treated incorrect by a member of the staff, please feel free to contact the Admin Team.

Please make sure to follow these rules. Violating these rules might result in a ban by the Adminteam.

The Admin- and Moderator Team :)
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