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Re: and pirvacy
« on: September 25, 2013, 09:26:25 AM »
Aargh!! I'm NOT hermes zoster ... The page is even wrong!

After more than one year bothering the forum calling person by name 'drum pretends the "royal treatment"?!

We had decided with him not to attack each other, and he was going to take that awful btw not correct page down.
He reopened it without any good reason when we had NO problem with him, probabily because his friend @greekemmy 's problems... And he pretends we don't react?!


The reason we strongly oppose @greekemmy is that, without any bit of respect, she keeps defamating the forum calling it "FBI Forum" and mentioning names all the time

Recent tweets:

@Cabledrummer 10 Sep2013
@greekemmy @NOH8ER @peterkofod This is what Mark's sock puppets call an objective discussion

Reply by @greekemmy:

@Cabledrummer @NOH8ER @peterkofod Hypocrisy confirms Mark's goal. Pretends to support WL principals then undermines JA/WL Staff & supporters


Read more here about his defamation and notice his twets mentioning NAMES are from 2012!!!

[NOTICE WELL the admin team of this forum includes MANY persons, each one of us with different opinions on WikiLeaks/Assange/Manning and not all the opinions are criticism!]


Ah check this one.
This is when, days ago, the name of the forum was changed to WikiLeaks Supporters Forum (N.W. it is not "Assange Fans Forum", but "WikiLeaks [the aims of the organization] Supporters")

@Cabledrummer 16 Sep
wikileaks-forum changed their name again, now falsely claiming to be the #WikiLeaks Supporters Forum

Reply by the other forum. that pretends to be the only "WikiLeaks Supporters Frum", created as an opposition to this one and owned by "annie darkhorse", supported by greekemmy and cableedrummer too:

@WikiLeaksSForum 16 Sep
@Cabledrummer Are you grmmmph!ing kidding me?

Cabledrummer's answear is:

@WikiLeaksSForum Sadly not. Mark and his rottweilers try to gain attention again

... where I still don't understand if the word "rottweilers" is referred to real animals or is a nice compliment for all the rest of the admin team...


It's ONE BLOODY YEAR that these "gratis attacks" are ongioing, and this happens exactly in the moment we adopt a name that actually encourages support for the WikiLeaks organization, added to smears like "FBI forum".
None of us is the FBI, this is defamation.
He can't pretend anything from us.
Making names doesn't mean posting name, lastname and private data and as they, cabledrummer and Co., keep doing this, I see no problems in saying "Leon".

@greekemmy even mentioned the name of a non involved person ... And here I stop.

These people should concentrate more on supporting WikiLeaks and its aims of transparency, instead of idolizing Assange as if he were supernaturally perfect and spiting poison sentences against those who support WikiLeaks and also express their eventual doubts.

PS. @cabledrummer I'm NOT hermes zoster, grmmph! at least remove the lies, lol.
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Re: and pirvacy
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2013, 18:22:50 PM »

That is what happens if doxing goes wrong x,D

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Re: and pirvacy
« Reply #2 on: September 25, 2013, 19:42:40 PM »
I seriously do not know why cabledrummer and greekemmy keep up this pointless and stupid fight with the forum. It has been proven that Julian Assange has much larger problems in this world than the inability to control this forum to promote himself. 

   If those two really wanted to defend WL and Julian Assange they are going to have to take on all of the powerful governments that he has really pissed off (Sweden, UK, the US, etc. ), and the Australian public that he really pissed off with his misuse of a political platform.  

   Julian Assange has much bigger enemies than this forum, and this forum is not even an enemy to begin with. I guess in the end I have nothing to worry about, the anger and frustration that these once annoying Assange cult sheep caused will slowly fade away. With each passing day, Assange is continuing to make very bad choices that decreases his credibility and the cult is fading into an obscure group of idiots that worship him.
"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage" Anais Nin .. and yet we must arm ourselves with fear