Author Topic: Petition against Denmark's animal brothels reaches 100,000 signatures  (Read 1688 times)

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Petition against Denmark's animal brothels reaches 100,000 signatures 
april plemons
Animal News Examiner

    March 8, 2014
    An online petition regarding animal brothels in Denmarkpassed 100,000 signatures on Thursday, and it is expected to surpass a quarter million signatures within the next 48 hours.

    (The German Shepard's face in the profile image has been blurred due to the Examiner's "decency" standards in publishing.)

    Lone Maimburg created a petition on (ThePetitionSite) protesting the lax Demark laws regarding bestiality and sex with animals for profit. In both Norway and Denmark, it is legal to have sex with an animal, so "animal bordellos" have cropped up as a way for businesses to profit off its legality. Questions are now being asked if these businesses are legal as an extension of that premise.
    Customers can pay to have sex with bound animals, and some Danish claim that, because the animals have been enduring these acts for years, they actually "crave" the sexual stimulation. Clients of the bordellos are from many countries including Norway, Sweden, Holland and Germany.

    The petition content is as follows:
    Dear population of the world

    Today we come to right a great wrong, we come before you with a law proposal, but this is so much more than a law proposal. It is a basic ANIMAL right which we have ignored in Denmark. Because in Denmark, it is legal to take sexual advantage of animals.
    Luckily rape, torture and abuse of animals in Denmark is prohibited, but the line between ”use” and ”abuse” is dangerously thin. This however is besides the point. WE as a people cannot, should not and will not condone the sexual (ab)use of animals. This is a very sick missing law, we are talking about having SEX with BEINGS of NON-HUMAN race WITHOUT CONSENT!. We as the people of a our respective nations is appalled at this lack of law, when you need look no further than some of our good friends and close neighbors where SEX with animals is a crime. Where animals have the right and safety of only reproducing with others of their own kind.
    But for now, sexual use of animals in Denmark is allowed, and we need everybody’s voice to try and change this. Denmark can be somewhat stubborn about some changes, so help us make way for better welfare for all animals all over the world. In the words of Neil Armstrong” This is one small step for man, but a giant leap for mankind”. Help us ban abuse, torture and sexual assault all over the world, starting in our own back yard.
    Sincerely population of Denmark
    Thank you. 

    Petition viewers have signed their names in support of banishing these laws from all over the world including Brazil, Argentina, the United States, Denmark, Costa Rica, Korea, Mexico, Sweden, France, Portugal, New Zealand, Italy, Peru, Columbia, the UK, and many more.

    Here is the plea, addressed to the Ministry of Denmark;

     Dear Ministry of Denmark
    We would like to make you aware of a grave injustice. An injustice which you with very little work could change. We are talking about animal sex. In Denmark it is allowed for a person to have sex with the animal, as far as the animal dont suffer from it. However how do we know the animal even consent? This is rape, and in Denmark all rape is prohibited and punishable by law, why is animal "rape" different. It is neatly packed in the package of sex with the animal without it coming to harm, but the line for it too come to harm is very fragile. One small misstep and it is crossed and shattered.
    We would like to ban all sex with animals, in a part of much larger campaign to help animals all over, as we quote and I re-quote "This is one small step for man, and a giant leap for mankind" We want better welfare for animals all around, but the first step is to stop the sexual use of animals.
    As our parting words we would like to remind you that in every other country except Norway and Germany,and a few states in America, Sex with animals is illegal, this would be another step forward for Denmark in a cultural term, we would be more equal to the world.

    Readers who wish to sign the petition may do so here.