Author Topic: Nearly three years after Snowden you learn there is no "such mass surveillance"  (Read 1457 times)

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Snowden and his Hippie friends lost in onion land want you to make believe there is a massive mass surveillance taking place against you and "the whole world".
besides UN opinions these days and smoke and mirrors from those who are lost in the land of onions there is much going on you may not see watching your heroes trying to get a rebirth these days.

Nearly three years after Snowden impacted the media and Kremlin goons been laughing in their hands about dumb hackers wanting to be "all the same" in the name of "anonymous". some new light is shining on Mr. Ed and his Friends.

The GCHQ's 'Data Mining Problem Book' released recently is something you all get to see now after everyone tried to tell you you are under heavy surveillance. especially Wikileaks and The Intercept.

Why didn't @the_intercept publish that #GCHQ Data Mining report much earlier...?

Assange fears the Pigeon.