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In which planet do they live?
« on: June 05, 2012, 23:01:05 PM »
I read this article here and my eyes nearly popped:

Video: Julian Assange turns cypherpunk

Posted on June 5, 2012 - 15:05 by Trent Nouveau

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange recently hosted a televised panel to discuss whether advances in Internet technology promote freedom or are simply being exploited to further government control over its citizens.

Assange and his "cypherpunk" guests debated the the deterioration of privacy in the Internet age, with topics ranging from how online services such as Google and Facebook enable collection of private information – to the United States government which allegedly engages in military-style surveillance of its own citizens.

"I see that there's now a militarization of cyber space because we have interception across all national border points," Assange opined. 

"The military has control or the intelligence agencies have control of [our personal] data ... so this is [definitely] some kind of militarization of civilian life." 

Assange has remained under house arrest in the UK for more than 500 days - despite the lack of official charges against him. On May 30th the UK Supreme Court ruled in a split decision against Assange's appeal of Sweden's request for extradition where the WikiLeaks founder faces multiple charges of sexual assault. 

Assange - who denies the accusations - is concerned that extradition to Sweden could ultimately lead to his eventual transfer to the United States. 

"The big risk, the risk we have always been concerned about, is onwards extradition to the United States. And that seems to be increasingly likely," the WikiLeaks founder told the BBC. "A lot of face has been lost by some people and some... have careers to make by pursuing a famous case."

Assange became a household name in 2010 after WikiLeaks released hundreds of thousands of classified US documents, including a video that showed US forces firing at Iraqi civilians and journalists whom they had mistaken for armed insurgents.

What do they mean about "faces multiple charges of sexual assault" and if you press on the BBC hyperlink you are taken to this article from two years ago. Anyway, I have read somewhere on the forum about a campaign to fight misinformation so I posted a comment on line underneath the article along the lines: "In which Planet do you live on?" and so on... refering to for facts and to this forum for up to date articles on the subject.

Let us see whether first of all they will publish my comment (it is currently checked by moderators) and whether they change their article in any way what so ever :)

will keep a beady eye on this one and will keep posted ;)


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Re: In which planet do they live?
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2012, 11:12:08 AM »
My comment has not made an appearance as yet in the article's comments so I decided to follow up with another one, this time I have kept a copy:

"Dear Moderator, I made a comment yesterday but I don't see it appear here as yet. I am therefore repeating more or less the content:

Regarding your statement: "faces multiple charges of sexual assault. 
" I shall like to point out that he is NOT cha
rged with anything in any country. The European Arrest Warrant has been issued for Questioning about the allegations against him. Check your facts here:

Also I am puzzled why you choose to refer us with a hyperlink to a BBC article more than 2 years old! Please visit for up to date articles on the subject.

Ah, and myself and another 14,000 forum members eagerly await to see if you will publish my comments and if you will correct the article's inaccuracies.

Many thanks - Emmy"

After filling in a captcha anti-spam hurdle, I got the same reply as before:

"Comment awaiting approval
Your comment must be approved by a moderator before appearing here. "

Will keep you posted :)

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Re: In which planet do they live?
« Reply #2 on: June 07, 2012, 05:27:45 AM »
GO! Greekemmy GO!
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