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Bahrain : clashes between thugs and police
« on: July 15, 2013, 11:44:51 AM »

Janabiya blast suspect is held

      By Aniqa Haider ,  Posted on ยป Monday, July 15, 2013

A BAHRAINI man was arrested an hour after an improvised explosive detonated in Janabiya, injuring four policemen.

Police have also launched a manhunt for several other suspects involved in Saturday's attack, which happened during clashes between thugs and police.

Special security forces were dispatched to clear a road in the village, which was blocked with burning tyres and rubbish.

Policemen removed the debris, but the "remote-controlled" bomb went off when they approached a rubbish bin at 11.30pm, said well-placed sources.

Masked youth also hurled Molotov cocktails at policemen, who confronted them with tear gas.

Pakistanis Akhter Jan, Sohail Baloch, Mohammed Sharjeel and Shakir suffered multiple injuries in the attack.

"The explosion took place when the officers went near a garbage bin after clearing the debris of burning tyres," said sources.

"It was an improvised explosive device and had wires attached to it.

"When police officers approached the bin, the device exploded and injured four of them.

"Four patrol jeeps which were parked nearby were also damaged in the blast.

"The hurt policemen were taken to the BDF Hospital. Their injuries are not life-threatening."

The area was cordoned off for several hours by the bomb squad and Special Security Force Command.

The Northern Governorate Police Directorate has launched an investigation into the attack.

"A terrorist involved in detonating a homemade bomb in Janabiya was arrested an hour after the incident happened," said an Interior Ministry statement.

"After questioning the suspect, he revealed names of others involved in the incident. He also revealed they earlier attacked a police patrol jeep in Janabiya, completely damaging it.

"Legal procedures are ongoing to arrest the suspects."

It was the second blast in a week, following the death of a Pakistani policeman on July 6.

The GDN reported that 19-year-old Yasir Dhaib was killed when a homemade bomb exploded in Sitra.

He was on duty when terrorists detonated the bomb at 10.16pm as security forces were dealing with a group of terrorists targeting the Sitra Police Station.

Two other policemen were also rushed to hospital with severe injuries, but they are said to be in a stable condition.

Mr Dhaib sustained several injuries including internal bleeding due to the blast, and he was buried in Haripur District in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, masked thugs attacked the Budaiya Police Station with firebombs yesterday morning, damaging the property.

No injuries were reported and no further details were available.

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