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CHINESE officers who trained with the RAF were actually “high-level Intelligence officers”

Was espionage the secret mission of RAFs Chinese guests?
CHINESE officers who trained with the RAF as part of a goodwill exchange programme were actually “high-level Intelligence officers”, a top-secret report has confirmed.
The two ground engineers caused alarm when they spent 60 per cent of their free time visiting the RAF Fylingdales ballistic missile early warning station on the North York Moors.

Though the persistent interest in RAF Fylingdales caused few ripples within the Ministry of Defence when the report was published a few months ago, it was re-sent to new Prime Minister Theresa May at the urging of US Intelligence chiefs in London.

She is said to have considered the Eyes Only dossier, along with warnings by MI5 of Chinese commercial espionage, before she suspended plans to build Britain’s fist nuclear power station in decades at Hinkley Point.

French backer EDF would rely on two Chinese partners for the £18billion project in Somerset, aimed at providing seven per cent of Britain’s energy needs.

However, China National Nuclear Corporation also produces Chinese nuclear weapons and is controlled by the People’s Liberation Army, and state-owned China General Nuclear Power is accused of a conspiracy to steal US industry secrets to aid the development of Chinese technology.

Lt G Huang and Capt S Tong were the first two Chinese military airmen to be trained at the illustrious Royal Air Force College in Cranwell, Lincolnshire.

It was to mark the beginning of a new relationship with the Chinese military, spurred on by former Chancellor George Osborne and former Prime Minister David Cameron’s desires to forge new trade links with the People’s Republic.

Huang and Tong graduated in October, with Air Vice-Marshal David Stubbs presenting their wings, after an 18-month course which saw them gain access to sensitive and low-level classified material not available to the public.

But it was their extracurricular activities that caused most interest.

Last night a senior source said: “It was decided early in their stay that their out-of-college activities would be closely monitored.”

British Intelligence teams took special care to see how the pair used their weekend passes and, despite never having been to the UK, the pair skipped obvious tourist attractions such as London.

And just one destination dominated their free time: RAF Fylingdales.

Originally developed in the Cold War to provide the famous “four minute warning” against nuclear missile attack, Fylingdales continues to form an integral part of America’s nuclear missile defence programme.

In reality it is more than that, with the base’s chief, Wing Commander Dave Keighly, recently admitting: “We tend to focus on foreign Intelligence satellites, manned space flights and that kind of thing.”

Surveillance teams began to sound warning signals after the pair continuously returned to the base. It was estimated they spent more than 60 per cent of their free time observing the site and particularly its active electronically scanned radar array.

“At times they would go straight here. At other times they would visit another location on the way,” said the source.

“The report makes it very clear these two individuals were high-level Intelligence officers, and not just the ground engineers they purported to be.”

Sources added that the two officers were now serving in a ballistic missile installation in northern China.
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