Author Topic: Julian Assange attacks akaWAKA - not a "Wikileaks Endorsed" Support Group  (Read 2971 times)

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Well, I did the maths, this tweet has the support of about 2.04% of followers of the WikiLeaks account.

I could comment further on this, but actually I would prefer to let some other WikiLeaks supporters speak:

They don't seem very amused, do they?

I really don't know what's going on with the wikileaks Twitter account these days, but one thing I do know: this action is not going to harm WACA in any way, it's basically Assange shooting his own knee.

Just like this did not harm the Forum in any way:

While WACA seem angry to say the least, we can be sure they will continue to keep up their good work. Not being "endorsed" doesn't damage anyone: it didn't affect us and won't affect them.
Why? Because people are smart, they think for themselves, and they are able to see who is doing good work and who isn't, regardless of prestige and endorsement labels.
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