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Invitation from Dr. MJ Chung

From: Eung Soo Kim

To: Mohamed Bin Hammam, Jenny Be Siew Poh

Sent: July 2, 2010 4:34:42 PM

Dear Sir,

I am writing to relay an invitation from Dr. MJ Chung as follows.

Best regards,

E S Kim


Dear Mohamed,

I am pleased to see that you arrived back in Johannesburg today. Welcome back to South Africa. I hope you had a

fruitful trip back home to Qatar.

I would like to say how wonderful it has been to be here in South Africa to witness the success of the first World Cup in

Africa and to see the two Asian teams, Korea and Japan, perform well to reach the round of 16.

To celebrate this occasion Dr. Lee Hong-Koo, the former Prime Minister of Korea, will be hosting “an evening of music”

at The Country Club Johannesburg on July 5th. The event will feature various entertainers including world-renowned

soprano Ms. Sumi Jo. I sincerely hope that you can attend this event as it would give us the opportunity to shift gears

into a more relaxing mode to celebrate together the first World Cup in Africa.

Meanwhile, there will be the quarter final between Uruguay and Ghana in Soccer City today. I would like to go with you

and watch the game together. On the way, we can talk about various topics of mutual interest.

I look forward to seeing you at this event on July 5th.


M.J. Chung