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Police ban another rally in West Papua
« on: October 20, 2013, 13:01:58 PM »
Police ban another rally in West Papua
Saturday, 19 October 2013, 1:44 pm
Press Release: Australia West Papua Association
Australia West Papua Association (Sydney)

Media release 19 October 2013
Police ban another rally in West Papua
The Police have banned another rally called by the KNPB and NFRPB for today, 19 October. The rally is to commemorate the 3rd Papuan People’s Congress which was held in Oct 2011. The 3rd Papuan People's Congress was held between the 17 and 19 October. Shortly after the Congress and as part of a celebration, the Morning Star flag was raised and a declaration of Independence read out. Indonesian security forces accompanied by armored vehicles immediately moved in to break up the gathering firing live rounds resulting in six people been killed. The security forces also used batons, bamboo poles and the butts of rifles during the arrest of up to 300 delegates resulting in serious injuries. Five of the delegates were charged with treason. Forkorus Yaboisembet, Edison Gladius Waromi, Agust M. Sananay Kraar, Selpius Bobii, and Dominikus Surabat,

Police arrest attendees of the Third Papuan People Congress in Abepura. Photo: Reuters (in SMH 20 Oct 2011)

Joe Collins of AWPA said “hopefully the security forces will not crackdown on the peaceful demonstrators as the have at past rallies including the recent ones held just a few days ago. The organisers of the rally are committed to ensure it’s peaceful. They have called on their supporters not to consume alcohol or bring what the security forces might consider weapons”.
Joe Collins
+61 ) 4077 857 97

Background. Below are two google translations of articles in the local media. Be-aware goggle translate can be a bit erratic.
Original bahasa above articles.
Friday , October 18, 2013 07:51

Police Warning Not Allow KRP III Demo
Jayapura - Plans demo on Saturday ( 19/10 ) tomorrow , to commemorate the anniversary of the 2nd , the Declaration of Sovereignty Restoration West Papuans or better known by the Papuan People's Congress ( KRP ) Field III held in Zacchaeus , Padang Bulan last October 19, 2011 , not Police got permission from Papua Poda .
Papua Police Public Relations Head , Chief Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono , S.IK. , say , the police did not issue a permit for the demonstration KNPB to that date because the purpose and manner specified demonstration is unfeasible to get permission . " Here it because we do not recognize and do not acknowledge KNPB and NRFPB , " he said in releasenya told Bintang Papua overnight

In addition to the continued activity is not consistent with the objectives of national unity within the framework of the Homeland. " Therefore we correspond by letter number B/80/X / 2013 / DIT Intelkam dated October 17, 2013 we did not publish STTP for KNPB activities . " He added . For that it urge the public to remain calm . Continue to perform daily activities as usual . That trade remains a trade , which remains the school principal, who worked in the fields or gardens remain gardening , which will be shopping to the mall or the market still carry on as usual . " For the community we call out to ignore invitations to demo on the Saturday , " he added .

Formerly Chairman of the National Council of Papua ( DNP ) who is also the Chairman of the Organizing Committee Engelberth Sorabut , Chief of Police of the Federal Republic of West Papua ( NFRPB ) and Elias Ayakeding Responsible SH2DRSP who is also the event coordinator Seksie Alius Asso , in the Office of the DAP said , to commemorate 2 KRP III to this , it will carry out together with thanksgiving worship means walking ( march ) to Tomb Field Alm . Theys H. Eluay , Sentani , Saturday ( 19/10 ) tomorrow .

" We asked the security forces in the military / police to not hinder us in commemorating the implementation of the Declaration of Sovereignty Restoration of West Papuans to - 2 that will be the day after tomorrow we conducted on Saturday ( tomorrow ) at Tomb Field Alm . Theys in Sentani , "said Engelberth so familiar greeting .
" Where , we do not want to happen again last event ever undertaken by military / police as the PPP event at Field III Zacchaeus , Padang Bulan some time ago , " he said .
He also explained that it knows what is done by TNI / police to thwart all the activities to be carried out .
" Examples such as our friends from the beginning KNPB activities will be implemented in the Field Cemetery Alm . Theys , due to the blocking tight and extra protection ( transfer ) made by the security forces , so that eventually focused KNPB demonstration in front of the Expo Cultural Center , " he explained .
On behalf of the organizing committee and all the people of West Papua nation , he appealed to all officers and officials of the TNI / police with both government officials and the Central Province of Papua to maintain its presence in order to take out a joint policy does not preclude such activity , so it can be done well , safe , smooth and dignified .
" We did not create a license or notification to the police , but we just made a copy of a letter to the Central Government , Chief of Police and also to the Government of Papua and West Papua on 30 September 2013 and then , " he said .
" In commemoration of that, we also invite the guests and supporters who want to attend about 4,000 people , so the Indonesian people can know that it has been recognized by the international community , " he explained .

Meanwhile Police Chief NFRPB , Elias Ayakeding request to the Government of Papua Province and also the security forces TNI / Police to take part in providing security at the activity so as not to worsen the situation and incurred the wrath of the people of West Papua which will commemorate the event .
"Want to license or not from the police , we will carry out regular activities Sovereignty Restoration Nations Declaration on West Papua to the 2nd , " he said .
In commemoration of the declaration, he explained that the masses will march from the rallying point that is in Sentani Indah Hotel and Red Mountain to the Tomb of Alm . Theys Eluay to commemorate the event.
" So, we asked the security forces not to make the activity or activities in the form of Tomb diversion Alm . Theys H. Eluay , so that with it we can deter such activities , " he pleaded .
In line with this , Responsible SH2DRSP who is also the event coordinator Seksie Asso Alius said it does not want to sabotage carried out by security forces TNI / police to shut down the character and will of the West Papuan resistance to Indonesian Nations in conducting such activities .
" We do not want the execution this time the acts of violence committed by the TNI / police , because the level of human rights violations by the security forces was never very high and especially in West Papua , " he added .

He said that the West Papuans will never commit violent acts of resistance and because it would cause many casualties fell .
" Where , we are only waiting for the recognition of the independence of West Papua from the United Nations that Homeland invaders . We also know that the Indonesian people have values and ancestral customs are very high , as well as our West Papuan struggle for the interests of the people of West Papua and the struggle of our ancestors , " he concluded . ( Mir/don/don/l03 )

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