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Title: alien species
Post by: Cindi10 on September 13, 2013, 13:37:26 PM   This tells of the various species of et life, their place of origin, n objectives. Very interesting indeed.
Title: Re: alien species
Post by: enrica on September 13, 2013, 14:17:07 PM
Hahaha oh dear ... this is so much new age ^_^ ...
@Cindi , is Berlusconi included within the "visitors"? xD XD
Title: Re: alien species
Post by: Cindi10 on September 13, 2013, 15:13:00 PM
Semurian txts...Dead Sea Scrolls....Gnostic books. Def nothing *new* .
Title: Re: alien species
Post by: enrica on September 14, 2013, 08:59:53 AM
I was kidding before...
I've met a lot of people interested in learning who/what are the possible other forms of life in the universe.
I also belive that being this planet just a "spite" in the wide wide galaxy, and being the galaxy just a little point in the wide wide universe, and as each one of the millions stars of each galaxy may potentially be a solar system with planets... It's impossible that the life as we know it is only on the Earth: it would be way much egocentric thinking this.

About this link, this post, I sincerely think there is (at least at the moment) no concrete proof of their existence.
Some mentioned have been reached through the so called "channelling" (telepathic communication).
I am also very open minded about this kind of experiences because I myself have experienced the possibility of having "clues" about people/things that are there, existing, and I still don't know... And I don't want to go deeper talking about this here because this forum is mainly about wikileaks, and wikileaks is about objective prooved info, while the "channelled info" are mainly subjective interpretations ... and if one doesn't investigate this stuff seriously, with sincere scientiphic critic thoughts, there is a strong risk of falling in the world of "mental creation and projections".

Anyway as so many experience the same things and, here in this case, they report the existence of other species in contact with us, a good serious non classified top-secret investogation needs to be done if people have questions about for example: are we in contact with someonelse? (are we alone ? I'm not even asking because the Universe/s is so big that it's impossible the life is born here only).

Another thing to be considered is what we intend for "life".
Our life is based on carbonium and we easily recognize what is alive because it changes, evolves, dies (stones don't die!).
But... For example viruses... Who have a crystalized form of body... they can even travel through the space in a sort of "dead status" and they awake when they find the best conditions to live and proliferate. When some viruses are in the non-active status they are no better than stones.
And viruses are a form of life based on carbonium like us...
And if there were forms of life based on silicon?
On somethingelse?
Example on Saturn's satellite Titanus there are whole cicles not based on the water but on methane; the temperature is something like -160° and all the water would be frozen, but methane is liquid, solid, in form of gas exactly like the water on the Earth is because here the temperature is something between -40° and + 50° ... So our life is based on using the water, but may it be on planets like Titanus life uses somethingelse than water and isn't based on carbonium? Would we recognize it in that case as a form of life?
Title: Re: alien species
Post by: Cindi10 on September 14, 2013, 13:57:50 PM
*Awesome* points Isis!! Indeed I like this example: although u  n I cant breathe underwater through gills attached to our anatomy, our reality does not rule out tht other species can/do. Some wonderful lifeforms have been *discovered* living in so-called unsustainable environments, such as deep dark vastness of caverns. Such life has evolved n acclimated to its environment n succeeded quite well. In our Amazon jungles new species never before seen are being found. So yep it only stands up to logic tht although we might think life requires wht *we* deem necessary on earth, its quite possible other places/planets have evolved their own inhabitants/modes of survival.
Title: Re: alien species
Post by: enrica on September 15, 2013, 12:27:58 PM
Yeah the so called "extremophiles" living in the ice, in the vulcanos, or 3.000 meters under the surface of the water in the oceans without life, basing themselves and their metabolisms on water, methan, other substances that aren't oxigen or CO2...
I can imagine on another planet with different conditions the "extremophiles" could be the "normal" common forms of life.
I hope I have time to find English versions of the articles about what has been discovered living 3.000 m under the surface of the water near the rift in the Oceans: it's amazing to see!
Title: Re: alien species
Post by: Cindi10 on September 15, 2013, 13:22:33 PM
Would def njoy seeing those as well. **WHAT??!! We arent the only "intelligent" life hre or abroad??!!** Gasp!!!   :shocked:    :)