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Title: Update 10/1/13: Manning NYC Art installation, Chelsea’s transition, and ...
Post by: enrica on October 03, 2013, 14:53:06 PM
Update 10/1/13: Manning NYC Art installation, Chelsea’s transition, and The Fifth Estate

In New York City, an artist has used a popular art festival to raise awareness about PVT Manning’s plight. 

From the Huffington Post (

[quote( author=(.*) link=(.*) date=[0-9]+)?]Kyle Goen’s massive 26-by-70-foot art installation, titled “Who’s Chelsea Manning,” will hang over Walter Street in New York City later this month at the 17th annual DUMBO arts festival. The piece, which shows Manning, consists of 1600 transparent colored flags — a reference to the White House address at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. According to a press release, “The image grows less clear as viewers move closer to it, reflecting the disparate perceptions of the whistle-blower as either a truth-teller or an enemy of the state.”[/quote]

Over the past few weeks, the Private Manning Support Network has received many inquiries from concerned citizens wondering how they can support PVT Manning in this new phase of her life as she pursues hormone therapy and the right to live full-time as Chelsea.  As this Associated Press article ( discusses, PVT Manning and her attorney Mr. Coombs are still awaiting an official response from Ft. Leavenworth.  If they deny PVT Manning’s request, then they will pursue more legal and political means with support from activists.  We will keep you updated as that story develops.  In the meantime, we’re sure that supporters will be glad to hear that according to Coombs, “Manning has said, ‘I feel very comfortable. I’ve made friends. I don’t feel at all threatened.’”
Writing for Brown History Review (, a student academic discusses the importance of PVT Manning’s identity for the nation as a whole.  She explains that while civil prisons have granted transgender inmates considerably more rights than the military on the whole, transgender inmates still frequently face discrimination from other inmates and guards.  With PVT Manning now being one of the most high-profile transgender women in the U.S., how the public and the military responds to her case will set a precedent for the rights of other transgender people both in the military and in prisons nationwide.  Even behind bars, PVT Manning continues to present the American public with important moral questions, and provide opportunities for social change.
A new movie about WikiLeaks, The Fifth Estate (, opened last week in theaters around the world.  While described by many critics as a solid political thriller, it has sparked some controversy for deriving its storyline almost entirely from the perspective of Julian Assange’s competitor, Domscheit-Berg.  Regardless of what you think of the film (and do feel free to tell us, if you’ve seen it) it’s hard to deny that WikiLeaks’ is a story that has captured the imaginations of the more politically conscious of our generation. PVT Manning and Edward Snowden are unlikely to be the last of the internet whistleblowers, and we must do what we can to keep building a movement in support of them.