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Title: Missouri students block Westboro Baptist Church's protest of Michael Sam
Post by: Elaine Davis on February 16, 2014, 03:09:14 AM
Missouri students block Westboro Baptist Church's protest of Michael Sam (

By Nina Mandell (  3 hours ago

On Saturday, the Westboro Baptist Church came to the University of Missouri’s game against Tennessee to protest football player Michael Sam’s announcement earlier this week that he is gay. (

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church protest former Missouri Tiger and NFL draft prospect Michael Sam at the corner of Stadium Blvd. and Providence in Columbia. (Dak Dillon-USA TODAY Sports)

Students at the university, many of them wearing “Stand with Sam” pins, formed a human wall to block off the extremist group.

Dak Dillon-USA TODAY Sports

AP Photo/L.G. Patterson

It’s just one of many displays of support ( that the student body has shown for the SEC Defensive Player of the Year since his announcement last Sunday.

Inside the basketball game, Sam showed his appreciation for the student section.
And later with this message on Twitter:

Thank you for all of my Mizzou family for your support. Divided we are weak, Together we are Strong. #OneMizzou (
7:00 PM - 15 Feb 2014 (


     I attended a BAPTIST University and graduated from it. Good for me and for all the others who withstood a little extra dowse with religion. NOthing wrong with it. Truthfully, it can be good for the soul. Very good.
     The thirty years I've had outside of that Baptist college has shown me that BAPTIST is not the only denomination in the world but is one of the few that BELIEVES it is. Since the graduation I've heard and witnessed assertations from Baptists in the form of "Baptists believe in intervention", "Baptists are one of a kind",
and yeah it's true. One Baptist won't take another Baptist fishing with beer in the chest because each knows the other will give you the crooked eye on Sunday. Oh joy, fun and more fun.  

     Today I read about Westboro Baptist Church attending the University of Missouri’s game against Tennessee to protest football player Michael Sam’s admission that he is gay.

      Well now, what a reason for a group of God fearing, loving people to go to a football game. Really now?? Let me guess, surely one of them sat on a whoopee cushion, or at least had pop spilled on his or her head. The church members went to a football game to protest a players ADMISSION that he is GAY?? I have seen a lot of things to protest, but I have never seen a church visibly gang up on a guy for admitting he is gay. God forbid he had not admitted it. There's no telling what they would have 'PRAYED' for God to do to this guy for being Gay.

Jesus Christ on a crooked crutch on a rocky road in Bethlehem.:ermm:I have seen it all now.

It is my opinion, that this particular church is full of the devil they deny. The issue of Sodomy in the Bible is a tough one. I personally believe that Sodomy occurs when one member of the twosome party does NOT consent.
Sexual preference, albeit actual sodomy, (whatever the gay pairs call it), sex for that matter, is of somewhat a different story. I will not judge or claim to be an expert in that department.

      However, with all this considered, the one thing I do recall during all of my experience with Baptists is that no minister, Sunday School teacher or any affiliate of any of the Baptist churches I attended gave any indiciation that
a gay man or woman should be protested and considered an evil species. I concluded, on my own, at a very young age, that even if a gay individual is different from myself, they were not an evil individual for having a sexual preference different from my own, but they are a human being, with thoughts, dreams, feelings, and direction just like me or anyone else.

      The wife of a good pastor told me one day that she believes personally that GOD knows their hearts and if God tells her to love others, then that includes gay people.  I agreed and was elated that someone actually had a slightly liberal view from a Baptist family.

      And Westboro Baptist Church shows up to protest a student admitting he is Gay?  That is an insinuation that the student is going to hell. And may I ask, who the HELL does Westboro think they are to insinuate this guy's eternal fate?  I could not believe the audacity of this group of people who call themselves Christians. AS long as Michael Sam is not a pedophile, what is the big deal and the need for a protest over someone being gay?? This is an individual GAY person, not a group. Westboro Baptist Church needs to sit on a sign post tip and spin!!!

     Their behavior is absolutely Floor Flush.
     Good luck Sam! I'll be thinking about you! Keep on with the football.
Title: Re: Missouri students block Westboro Baptist Church's protest of Michael Sam
Post by: Elaine Davis on February 16, 2014, 15:37:37 PM
....and already...telling folks to GO TO HELL. Really now?  Why would anyone go to hell because WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH thinks they should?  God, look down and listen, Westboro is guiding you on who to send to hell. LOL! =) (

Westboro Baptist Church to Lakewood: ‘Go to hell’

By Melissa Evans (, Press-Telegram 
 Posted: 02/15/14, 1:37 PM PST |

One of the few times I requested — begged — to be sent somewhere on a reporting assignment, it was, of all places, Kansas.

We had received word that the Topeka-based Westboro Baptist Church was heading to town for one of its infamous protests, and after a quick Web search of the group, I was determined to hunt its members down for an exclusive interview.

Knowing what I know now, that the church is fueled as much by media attention and lawsuits as actual religious belief, my approach to coverage of its activities will be different when members travel to Lakewood in early March. The group has announced it will picket at three Lakewood churches on March 2, and the city’s high school on March 3 (the reasons are murky; the church website, amid slurs too offensive to print, says something about students deserving “to hear the truth at least once in their lives”).


Unless chaos ensues, such as students running the protesters off the sidewalks bordering the campus as Wilson High students did in 2010 with a rowdy counter protest (, we likely won’t cover Westboro’s activities at all.
The protests typically consist of only a few people from the church — most of them family members of its founder, Fred Phelps — who show up and hold jarring signs meant to draw a strong reaction.
Many know of the church because of its protests at the funerals of military personnel. The church believes, however, that God hates just about everybody, especially those who are gay or gay sympathizers. But unlike other religious crusaders often seen on sidewalks at large public events, they’re not out to convert or evangelize; Westboro is more Calvinist in its mission, seeking only to inform us of the depressing reality that we are not among the chosen.


When my editor denied my travel request many years ago, I was resigned to calling the folks at Westboro for a phone interview. I was nervous; judging by the group’s website, I assumed they would not take kindly to a member of the media (listed among those who don’t fare well in their eschatological vision).
I reached the daughter of the church founder on the first ring: “How can I help you?” she asked in a chirpy voice that one might expect from a hostess. I proceeded with my questions, which grew less flattering as we continued.


“Yes,” she said in an even, almost bored, voice, “you are going to hell.”
I took furious notes, figuring she likely didn’t realize she was on the record. When it came time to ask the spelling of her name — the big giveaway that I was planning to quote her — she annunciated each letter slowly.
What I didn’t know then as a novice religion writer was that receiving calls from people like me is what these people live for. The shock factor. The attention.
And Westboro is still pretty good at it. Social media has been abuzz this week with Tweets and Facebook posts from students and residents, at least one of whom promised to throw eggs at the protesters.


To that I suggest restraint (as well as with any urge to board a flight on their behalf). Another thing Westboro knows very well is the law.
A better response is to avoid them and take solace in knowing you aren’t among Westboro’s chosen.