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Title: Thomas A. Drake, charged with unlawful retention of classified- changes in case
Post by: uncensored on June 09, 2011, 22:46:32 PM
Last April, the Central Intelligence Agency declassified several documents
on the use of "invisible ink" that dated from the World War I era.  But
those were not even a century old. (

Meanwhile, in more recent developments, the case of former NSA official
Thomas A. Drake, who is charged with unlawful retention of classified
information, is said to be "changing hour by hour."

On Sunday, the government told the court it had decided to withdraw
several of its proposed exhibits rather than declassify them for trial,
Politico reported ("Feds pare back NSA leak case to shield technology" by
Josh Gerstein, Politico, June 6).

As a consequence, prosecutors are now seeking a plea bargain, the
Washington Post reported, but Drake has twice refused to accept their offer
("Ex-NSA manager has reportedly twice rejected plea bargains in Espionage
Act case" by Ellen Nakashima, Washington Post, June 9).

The trial of Thomas Drake is currently still scheduled to begin in
Baltimore on Monday, June 13.