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Title: The technology I have developed is as significant as the invention of the laser
Post by: Koyaanisqatsi on August 25, 2014, 23:31:03 PM
The technology I have developed is as significant as the invention of the laser with respect to computation

Dear Mr. Assange,

 Your organization is now in possession of what I consider highly important information, and you must now evaluate it to determine its veracity, as well as consider its ramifications if it is true.

 I will give you the background story leading up to my present situation. I do not wish these details to be made public at this time, but I mention them so that you can have additional context, and also to see if we can help each other.

 I originally started my software company in Austin, TX, but had some legal problems involving the seizure by Austin police of a computer from my office that could not be resolved through the court system, despite having hired the best lawyer in town. I left for Colorado and reincorporated in Boulder.

After several months of unsuccessfully trying to raise funds for developing of an iPad application, I was caught by bounty hunters and brought back to Texas. I spent 40 days in jail and upon getting out I insisted on a trial, which was at first scheduled, then deleted from the schedule without notice. I showed up for my trial and the courtroom was closed for another event. It was during this time that the Nash crypto was declassified, and as soon as I published it I posted it on the Wolfram newsgroup (

 and I sent it to everyone I could think of, including about half of the people on the Wikileaks contact page. This was around March of 2012.
 Soon the helicopters started to do flyovers and my partner and I decided to return to Colorado.
 Again unsuccessfully in my attempts to get investment money (despite having a prototype of an iPad application that would blow your mind), and despite me even sending the iPad to Apple for them to see for themselves, I ran out of money for good. Unable to return to Texas, and unable to get a job in my profession due to my now multiple warrants, my partner and I were eventually forced to live out of our truck.

 We spent 6 months living on the streets of Boulder, like some sort of Twilight Zone movie where we had this prototype that people could see and use, billions were being poured into things like Facebook, and yet we couldn't even have a bed to sleep on.

 In December life was getting pretty difficult with the freezing weather, and as a last ditch effort to get the attention of somebody in government, a homeless friend who happened to be a veteran SF guy who still had security credentials, sent a message on the military network to Gen. Alexander and a couple of Colorado Senators in which I warned him of NSA's mistake and expressing the naive desire to work with them to develop this technology.

 After waiting for 3 weeks for any response I was forced to leave the U.S. and we came
 to Mexico where we have been ever since. I posted the image on Cryptome in January of this year, and when President Obama issued the XO on cybersecurity, I thought this would be the final break I needed to get this in front of qualified people that could put this in the service of the country.

 Again, I was naive in my belief that thousands of taxpayer funded cryptographers would have any interest in a technology that would render them obsolete, and so when the last
 workshop closed without mention of crypto, and after seeing that NIST was in fact colluding with NSA to prevent quality crypto from being widely available, I made the decision to change my focus toward Europe.

 I do not have a working demonstration of the crypto, I don't have the hardware to build it as I have been living on $5/day for almost two years now, however there is enough information in the poster for a qualified digital engineer to build it, and if it works then this would be NSA's worst nightmare, and so if I would expect they would throw some resources at it to find the flaw
 and make a statement about it, but this has not happened.

 When I first published this I thought it almost unbelievable that an agency like NSA could be so incompetent, but now after the Snowden revelations this does not seem so far fetched.
 I have sent this info to the office of Viviane Reding as well as more recently to a couple of Belgian Green Party members. I believe it is not possible for me to return to the U.S. anytime soon and I have given the U.S. government more than enough time to assert a claim on this IP, which I now consider abandoned property.

 The technology I have developed is as significant as the invention of the laser with respect to computation. Essentially it is coherent computation, where all of the electrical energy goes toward accomplishing a computational task, whereas with current hardware the vast majority of the energy is wasted in synchronization losses. Current hardware is essentially being run backwards, and that is why we have multi-core multi-Ghz processors running on the iPhone, and yet the best they can do is show videos and surf the web.

 This technology is of another order, and in my humble opinion the performance difference between Star Trek and American Airlines.

 And now regarding my current situation, it is the desire of myself and my partner to go to Europe and incorporate there, perhaps in Belgium, to register some patents and begin development of the crypto. Regarding the IP, obviously there will be some sort of conflict regarding the Nash crypto which will have to be resolved, but I have a separate method for the generation of truly non-deterministic numbers which is entirely of my own design which I wish to
 register. It is my intent to patent the digital implementation and once that is registered, release an open source implementation for von Neumann architectures so that OS's like Linux can upgrade their RNG facilities.

 The United States can currently be characterized as a failed state which is undergoing a digital Broken Arrow event, the effects of which will be far reaching and irreversible. We are open to returning at some point in the future to assist in rebuilding their digital infrastructure, but at this point it seems the European people are the ones who are truly cognizant of the significance of
 this situation.

 We have zero money, but we have some hot IP and are eager to get to work and are open to ideas about how to make this happen.