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Title: Large spying network discovered in Norway and Oslo parliament buildings
Post by: kimono on December 13, 2014, 17:00:05 PM
Aftenposten Discovers Spying Equipments outside Norway Parliament and Prime Minister Residence

Aftenposten reports they have detected a number of false base stations placed around central Oslo, which can monitor the movements of top politicians and flood of data from mobile phones.
 ( Photo : Slugrubug
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 Through two months Aftenposten surveyed and revealed an extensive network of secret base stations in Oslo. The newspaper recorded a number of places in Oslo with suspicious mobile activity. Then they have cooperated with the two security companies to precisely locate fake base stations.
After the measurements, it was revealed that monitoring equipments has been used actively in downtown Oslo for eavesdropping and monitoring.
The false base stations called called IMSI catcher have been probably used to monitor the movements of ministers, politicians, government officials and ordinary people going in, out and around central state buildings in Oslo.

The Security service, PST investigates whether there are criminals, foreign intelligence or others are behind the devices.

According to Aftenposten, the surveillance equipments can in principle find out who gets into Parliament, government offices or other places in the area. They can also pick out certain people for monitoring and flood of data from their mobile phones.