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Title: Closing the Loopholes in Europe's Net Neutrality Compromise
Post by: mayya on October 24, 2015, 13:11:39 PM

Closing the Loopholes in Europe's Net Neutrality Compromise

Since our last update on the upcoming net neutrality regulation in the European Union, a further compromise proposal has been developed, which heads to a vote in the European Parliament on Tuesday next week. On its face, the draft regulation appears to hit all the most important points, including providing that "When providing internet access services, providers of those services should treat all traffic equally, without discrimination, restriction or interference, independently of its sender or receiver, content, application or service, or terminal equipment".

But the devil is in the details. There are several loopholes in the current text which, if not resolved, would result in limited net neutrality protections. Between now and Monday, European activists are pushing for amendments to improve the draft regulation to close these loopholes. Their proposed amendments would address:

The amendments proposed by European activists are important and should be adopted—especially because the regulation will become European law immediately when passed. (This differs from the alternative procedure of a "directive," which would have to be implemented in each country before it becomes law.) That means there are only a few days remaining to convince European Members of Parliament (MEPs) to support the amendments.

If you live in Europe, you can express your support for the suggested amendments by visiting the coalition site Please contact your MEP and help preserve an open Internet in Europe today.