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Title: Italy anonymous members arrested
Post by: uncensored on July 05, 2011, 18:34:26 PM
I used  microsoft translator - not the best translation  but I include the English  text here .
Italy, 15 reported Anonymous the cell also minors
searches across Italy and Canton Ticino, where resided the head, a 26. From January have attacked corporate websites and companies. The offences in question are abusive access to computer system, damage to computer systems and disruption of public service

 ROMA -attacked Italian institutional sites and those of major companies, have provided support for incursions by foreign computer to attackers. Now the members of the Italian cell Anonymous 1 -international abbreviation behind which gather hackers who hit avenging the arrest of leader Julian Assange of Wikileaks-have been found and reported by the police post 2Italian. In all there are 15, mostly young people between the ages of 15 (five are minors) and the 28 years since January have attacked sites including those of the Chamber, the Senate, the Government of Agcom and national companies like Eni, Enel, Finmeccanica, Mediaset and Rai. The offences in question are abusive access to computer system, damage to computer systems and disruption of public service.
At the Summit of the group-according to surveys conducted by the National Centre for computer crime investigation for critical infrastructure protection-there was a 26 year old Italian boy residing in Canton Ticino, Switzerland, in which, thanks to the collaboration of the Swiss police were seized computers and other materials. To communicate with each other and organize the various actions of computer attack, were used as chat sites known to the pages of ' Anonymous ' of social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The method used was to
use of large servers, in some cases rented abroad, with powerful bandwidth capacity. Thanks to the internet pages were required to ' under attack ', and commands that send the system into a tailspin.

"While in the past-explained vice questore added Tommaso Palumbo, direct Cnaipic of State police-were needed for the computer attack hundreds of kids who were connecting, the site today using big server who send in tilt system using then really equipment for everyone". Already investigators pointed out that the hacker Italian in some episodes they had provided support to Spanish for some hacker attacks made in recent months. Vice versa Spanish hackers have helped the Italians in January last year. On the morning of today police have performed over 30 searches, ordered by Prosecutor Perla Lori Rome's public prosecutor's Office. Searches undertaken in all regions of Italy.

"Beyond the criminal aspect of the story-said Antonio Apruzzese, Director of the police post and telecommunications-it should be noted the damage compensation caused by these actions, whose costs will be borne on boys and their families. There are many ways to express a disagreement but here you produce crimes, and also produces serious economic damage ".
(July 5, 2011) (
Title: Re: Italy anonymous members arrested
Post by: Pond on July 05, 2011, 20:17:06 PM
Thank you for posting these news Uncensored!
I'm fron Italy and I'm learning them from you!

Of course official media are not interested in reporting that kind of information to the public.

I have fuond another article reporting the events: (
It says:
"Software hacker group “Anonymous” launched attacks Sunday against the Italian government’s website citing political grievances, ANSA news agency reported.

“Anonymous” announced its distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) assaults earlier in the day, saying they were launched because “the political and economic situation in Italy has become unstable.”

The website ( ( did not immediately appear to be blocked.

DDoS attacks are efforts to overload websites with so many simultaneous requests that computer servers can’t handle the load and freeze or crash.

Police had alerted the site and its manager of the potential attack ahead of time, allowing them to put counter measures in place.

A loose-knit group of online global hackers, “Anonymous” previously attacked government websites in Egypt and Tunisia, both roiled by anti-government protests, among other sites."

I think peolple are tired and angry of facing a situation of corruption and domination by those who should lead the State, or by big companies, so it happens there are attacks against the Govt.'s sites.
I know hacking and cracking is unlegal, but when peolple are exasperated these events happen.
Title: Re: Italy anonymous members arrested
Post by: uncensored on July 06, 2011, 02:09:36 AM
Welcome crazyhamster :-)   I will  post any new articles about the Italian group for you.......sometimes  I  hesitate to post  thinking I will bore readers with things they all ready know   you remind me that people  may  not get the same news access that I have.