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Important Announcement - Lost Posts
« on: May 22, 2012, 02:14:43 AM »
Dear Members,

It has come to our attention that due to an internal error a number of posts have accidently been deleted and we are unable to recover them automatically.


We would like to thank the staff of WLPress Board, and also Cabledrummer as both have brought this to our attention.


The posts mostly relate to the Cabledrum Board which has been discontinued as a separate entity and its contents were to be distributed among the other relevant Boards.


We deeply regret the loss of these posts and shall endeavour to re-post as many as we can (they mostly came from a single database here  As any effort to re-post will be done manually, it will take us a couple of weeks to restore as many as we can.


We recognise that process improvement in data retention is extremely important and we will therefore be reviewing our internal procedures. There are limitations set by the environment we operate as well as the resources we have available. We hope for your co-operation in identifying them, your understanding and your participation in finding solutions. We count on your goodwill.


Last but not least this Forum’s whole existence and the voluntary work of all its staff are in the service of Free Speech and does not engage in censorship. We stand as the meeting place of people who come to share their thoughts and wishes about WikiLeaks, to read the latest news, leave a comment, discuss a topic or just come for a chat. We welcome all. In return we expect that members adhere to our general rules as laid out in the Terms of Agreement upon joining the Forum, and that members treat each other and the staff with respect.

Thanks for your continuous support in our efforts.
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