Author Topic: Bradley Manning WikiLeaks defense trial roadblocked by U.S. government  (Read 1441 times)

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Bradley Manning WikiLeaks defense trial roadblocked by U.S. government

June 5, 2012

Bradley Manning is facing life in prison for releasing information to WikiLeaks, but the government won’t let his lawyer have access to the 250,000 pages of documents to defend him. Cenk is afraid bureaucratic bullying will prevent him from having a fair trial.

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Art Superheroes ‏@WikileaksTruck
Inside Ft Meade media building w/ @DavidFPowell preping for Manning trial to begin in 2 hours. Reading @kgosztola tweets over his shoulder.
vinylated ‏@vinylated
We've arrived at Ft. Meade. Now the waiting game begins. @WikileaksTruck @DavidFPowell #FreeBradleyManning
David F. Powell ‏@DavidFPowell
The latest defense motions for the 6-8 June #BradleyManning hearings here at Att'y David E. Coombs' blog: #FreeBrad
David F. Powell ‏@DavidFPowell
Good morning, everyone! From Ft. Meade #BradleyManning hearings. Here w/ @WikileaksTruck in press pool and @vinylated in court. #freebrad
Art Superheroes ‏@WikileaksTruck
We are looking at another dismissal motion of the Espionage Act charges because they are vague and broad. #freebrad
Art Superheroes ‏@WikileaksTruck
Motion to dismiss 8 specifications of 793-E #freebrad
The drafters of the law did not intend for it to be used this way. motion to dismiss 2 specifications of 10-30 A1
He cannot be charged with unathourized access if he had authorization.
We will also have Brady material discovery motions today as well.
Not sure if they will do the dismissal motions or discovery motions first.
Confirmed - Bradley is not being held at Quantico because it has been closed.
Bradley is staying "somewhere in the area, but not necessarily on the base. It could be in a civilian facility."
I cannot, or anyone else for that matter, tweet during trial. I will be drawing sketches. Tweeting during recess. #freebrad