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Next week, I'll be making a website pertaining to educated the American people about Julian Assange, showing more facts and dispelling the myths.

I will tell you more details on this soon.

Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions let me know!

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    Sounds like a good idea- one of the barriers to anyone of us reaching out to other American's and expressing our support of WL and JA is the worries that we have that the people around us have already been brainwashed by the mass media into thinking that JA is some dark horrible person.
    I have only confided in two of my closest friends about my support of WL and JA. Both of them did not have a strong opinion for or against WL, but one of them was thinking that JA was a child molester because he had seen the media spin on the allegations. The allegations include the word "molestation" and some people only think of sex acts with a minor when they see that word.     
    A web site might be helpful to dispel some of these myths for people that are on the fence about it. It can be hard to convince some people because there are people that have real reasons to hide the truth personally. There are people that like to keep others in the dark and in their control because they reap true benefits from it somehow. Whistleblowers strike fear in the hearts of many people.             

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There is also the website :).

I totally agree; it is necessary to refute the smearing myths and lies. I have been telling people online, friends and even coworkers about these things, showing them the evidence that Assange did not commit sexual abuse, and about the lies against him, and everything else. The double standards, unconstitutional dealings with Manning. People won't care unless someone tells them and points them to all the weight of the evidence and they really do their research. The mainstream media does not do that, so people are instead misinformed into thinking that WikiLeaks is evil and that Manning and Assange deserve death. I ask them all that if Assange deserves punishment, then why didn't journalists at the New York Times, The Guardian, etc, also get detained and sought for extradition? Assange and the others at WikiLeaks merely receive leaked information and release it. This inconsistency - in how WikiLeaks is being attacked against whereas other publishing platforms such as the mainstream media are left unscathed - shows the obvious fear and bias that the powerful U.S. government and its "mouthpiece" media possess.
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   I admire your forwardness about your support of WL/JA to the people around you Arduenna. I have only been comfortable talking to close friends - but talking to coworkers- that would be quite a stretch out of my comfort zone I am ashamed to say. Unless I know someone is opened minded enough about such things, I would not feel comfortable in approaching such an emotion provoking subject. People can be so self righteous about their convictions. It is why religion and politics etc... are taboo to talk about at work.
     I can honestly say that my exploration for more knowledge on this forum this past year - not for just information about WL/JA but all sorts of other matters as well - has been a real eye opener. I could not believe it one time when I stumbled onto a post on here that was from a site called "Enduring America"- I am like really? (yes I am naive). I thought at the time that if I would have asked around at work if anyone had heard of the site that peoples reactions would have certainly been "what?"
    If you think about it, there are only certain types of people that would gravitate towards supporting such things like WikiLeaks and unfortunately it would not likely be people in powerful positions. Elite people in this world did not get there by being honest loving people and they certainly would not show sympathy for anyone that threatens the strength of their facades.  :(             
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