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Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill
« on: June 13, 2012, 16:02:15 PM »
This is definitely worth looking into. It poses a major threat to whistleblowers in the UK. Thoughts?

Please refer to this:

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Re: Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2012, 22:03:56 PM »
Absolutely! Just posted this on F/B:

The Enterprise and regulatory reform bill, currently in it's second reading at the House of Commons will, if passed, provide an increasingly problematic framework for those brave enough to stand up against injustice. It stresses the need for whistle-blown information to fit the Secretary of State's idea of being in the public interest.

The Secretary of State can appoint anyone that appears to her to have particular knowledge in relation to the case a 'public interest expert'. Hardly impartial.

While this proposal comes amidst a back drop of media hype surrounding changes to employer-rights legislation there is a clear emphasis here that is relevant to to the injustices served against WikiLeaks and it's founder Julian Assange. The proposal could be seen less as adjunct to employer-right law (as is suggested) but another attempt at agitating the right of the public to demand the exposure of corruption.

The proposed context will give the Secretary of State more power to dismiss whistle-blown information if she deems it not in the public interest. We've heard something similar before right?

The government are inviting us to have a say on the proposals: You have until the 17th of July to send in your comments. You also have an MP that it would be worth making use of.