Author Topic: 'Friends of WikiLeaks' fight for Assange’s rights in European Court  (Read 1699 times)

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The international group, whose goal is to promote WikiLeaks and “defends its mission,” has sent an open letter to the Human Rights Court, asking for it to stop the “unlawful detention” of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

The network, which boasts members from around the world, points out that Assange has been under house arrest in the UK without charge for nearly two years, and claims that his extradition to Sweden for questioning about an alleged sex crime will prolong his detention.

“If he is extradited to Sweden, we know that he awaits incommunicado detention for an indefinite amount of time. For a man who has not been charged with any crime, we consider this arbitrary and unlawful detention and thus a violation of European Convention on Human Rights which the ECHR aims to uphold,” the group’s letter states.

They also raise concerns over the case possibly setting a dangerous precedent.

“If Mr Assange is extradited under the EAW, it will establish a dangerous precedent. It will make it possible for every citizen detained in the EU to be extradited to another country without a charge or any evidence against them, which we consider a more than distressing development.”

The group closes its letter with an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, with the hope that the ECRH will find “that it needs to accept Julian Assange’s appeal and deny his extradition in order to ensure his human rights are respected.”

Assange, founder of whistleblower website WikiLeaks, has been under house arrest in the UK since 2010, after Sweden issued an international arrest warrant over allegations of sexual assault.

Swedish authorities accuse him of raping one woman and sexually molesting and coercing another in August that year, while on a visit to Stockholm to give a lecture. He claims both encounters were consensual, and maintains that the case is politically motivated.

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I was thinking a little bit about the whole J.A. situation with Sweden and I have some ideas and questions!?

Why J.A. doesn't confront directly and openly( by lawyers in Sweden)with this Woman who supposedly accused him for rape!!??
If she didn't accused him directly for rape he is free and the whole thing is over!
You cant pursue someone on gossip!?? Or can you!!!??
Her public statement should be sufficient to drop this whole mess and abolish extradition proceeding to Sweden!!
I'm not a lawyer but I try to think logically!

If she was forced to say this rape accusation lawyers must find the way to influence her to tell the true!
Most of us are human beings under skin and we all have that little voice in our head that is called conscience
from which we cant escape!!!
It will be hard to start a new battle in new country but there is not much options you can do!!!

Then in the end J.A. can sue Sweden and U.K  for defamation, emotional pain, deprivation of liberty and  pecuniary damages.

This current situation is BAD!!
You cant live and work your whole life in one building in U.K or Ecuador!!!!!
J.A. must return his freedom and ability to move through World, Europe and back to Australia
and he must return to Wikileaks business harder than ever!

In the end it would be nice to shut up MSM mouths forever!!!
(or maybe just for 5min)!!! ;-)