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Alexa O'Brien ‏@carwinb
Here at Fort Meade. About to find out if I am going to actually get in since I never received
a response Friday to my request. I have just been informed that credentialing comes from the MDW,
Military District of Washington. No word yet. Man at public affairs doesn't know.
Was told didn't know how I got on base, since press are controlled on base.
Gave permission for me to go to Smallwood Hall and find out.I tell you. It's a run around,
here at Fort Meade. If they don't let me in it is a punishment for doing
a job most are NOT doing.Just been told by the public affairs person
that of I didn't receive an email, I am not credentialed.
Then she said there is no broadcast today into Smallwood
and everyone of going into the courtroom. No computers.
When I asked her why I am not credentialed she herself has let me
in because she had a list and she knows who is credentialed and who
Isn't she got blustered...and said to talk to Shante at MDW.
She then reprimanded me for going into Smallwood. I told I got permission
from the man at Public Affairs. She said,"Well he was wrong.".
 I said, "Well that is not my problem."
I have covered this trial in more detail than most,
and I find it outrageous that I am suddenly w/o credentials.
I sent 2 emails. One a week ago, and one right when the eleventh hour
press release went out on Thursday afternoon.
I have been credentialed since the arraignment.
At the last hearing I asked public affairs why it took them 30 days
 to not answer basic ?
When I followed protocol and went through them after talking to
10th mountain division about commanders names and partnerships.
With Iraqi federal police. We are talking public info, not classified,
not even about proceedings directly.
When I told them that was a outrageous non answer they said
"I should have never told 10th mountain I was a #manning journo" So lie.
Then told me the computers were wiped ( #manning) defense got same answer,
and they can't identify who is in commands of 2nd brig troops bat.
They can't even adequately explain chain of command to civilian press in theater.
IMPORTANT leak trial of our age are unable to tell the public
and press who a US brigade commander is! It is ridiculous and incompetent.
We can take hope in the fact that ABC reporter will not be able to use her computer
 to look at pics of George Clooney in the courtroom.
I am absolutely sure the New York Times will not be credentialed because they have NEVER showed up.
I have gotten all sort of excuses from these guys.
Server down, unreachable, changing times not informing ppl.
Heading into PAO to speak with Shante from the Military District of Washington.
If I don't come back, you know where to look for the body.
So the lady from PAO who told me I get credentials from MDW
and that MDW sends the emails and she doesnt now says she sent an email.
I am now properly credentialed.Most notable is at Smallwood I was told she doesn't send out the emails.
Total dxxx around, and guess's not ok.

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     You go Alexa O'Brien- may the wind be at your back.
So glad your on top of this- and keep up the fight!   :)
"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage" Anais Nin .. and yet we must arm ourselves with fear


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