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This article has been translated by a volunteer translator. Neither WL  or The Official WikiLeaks Forum shall be held accountable for errors.  The reader is welcome to check him/herself the original source linked  below, and to comment if there is an error or misinterpretation. If an  error is identified we shall endevour to correct it"

Statement by FDNN on their Blog: FDNN accepts supporting WikiLeaks' appeals for donations.

Translated from french by Irien; proofreading Green and Arduina.

By Benjamin Bayart  on Thursday, 19 July 2012, 09:00

WikiLeaks had contacted the Defense Fund of Net Neutrality (FDNN) in May, to know if we would agree to support their next campaign appeal for donations. To us, the risk seemed high for the association, but our Governing Board voted unanimously to accept the project. After a few adjustments and developments, it is now running. So you can donate to WikiLeaks via FDNN's donation URL.

The background:

Everyone knows WikiLeaks. And nearly everyone knows that, during the so-called "Cablegate" story, several big US financial groups (VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, etc) have done all they can to cut their funding. People who follow this story know that all of this is still blocked, without any legal proceedings, without any judicial decision. The American bankers have decided who has the freedom of expression on the Internet.

On FDNN's side, things are quite different. Firstly on the legal front, because we have no contract with VISA or MasterCard, but we have one with our bank, and, through it, with the GIE Carte Bancaire.

The project fits with our statutes

FDNN is intended to support the funding of projects which defend Net neutrality, and more widely, the freedom of speech on the Internet. The analysis of WikiLeaks' request in order to know if it fit with our statutes was therefore quickly done, there was no doubt about it. The project was then to be submitted to the association's Governing Board. A unanimous vote emerged: project accepted.

And then, the question became more a"political"one. By showing support to WikiLeaks, even if that doesn't mean a moral approval of 100% of their actions, we take the risk to be frowned upon. For an example, by the politicians (just remember that a former minister of Industry wondered how to close the site without going through a judge), or by the financial world (WikiLeaks is in an open war against VISA or MasterCard). It was especially taking the risk of retaliation from the Credit Card giants. If FDNN finds itself blockaded like WikiLeaks, then we take the risk of blocking all the projects that we are supporting... We have consulted those who would be critically impacted: no objection.

Provisional conclusion

What we do for WikiLeaks is quite simple: they are under an embargo imposed by quasi-monopolistic corporations on a worldwide scale, outside of any fair judicial process.  It is to say that these corporations are deciding  instead of  the world's citizens whether they may or may not support an initiative which, having not been convicted, is actually legal.

We are not saying that WikiLeaks is the Good, or that everything they do is wonderful, we are simply saying that they have the right to do it, that supporting them fits with our objectives (defending an open network and the freedom of speech), and we are quickly going to see if France, unlike the US, is still a State under the Rule of Law.

Link to the blog (fr):

Link to the post on the forum (fr) :,13127.0.html
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Re: Statement : FDNN accepts supporting WikiLeaks' appeals for donation.
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From the article:; it reads that Wikileaks have taken the preliminary initiative to get in contact and ask for FDNN to support their next campaign for donation; from the resume of that, it seems the translation is correct.. a very important point to note is that if FDNN is blocked, it is nonetheless taking the risk to have all those other projects they also are supporting blocked.. like already translated above..We never know what any outcome will be at any time, yet it is a door of opportunity to take advantage of this now and immediately.:)
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Re: Statement : FDNN accepts supporting WikiLeaks' appeals for donation.
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Indeed, thank you Coco444!

Thanks to Irien's initiative we shall now be translating this statement to as many languages as we can to spread the news as far as we can through our Volunteer Translation Project here at the forum.