Author Topic: Great Grandmother arrested and zip-tied at demonstration to free Bradley Manning  (Read 1329 times)

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OCCUPY GRANNY ARRESTED, Portland, OR, 16 Aug 2012 (Photo Credit: Mark Colman):

Great Grandmother Nan Wigmore, arrested and zip-tied at the Obama headquarters demonstration to free Bradley Manning. Nan is a life-long activist and very brave one too. When she was in Chicago (she took a bus for 3 days to get there), the cops forced her to get in an ambulance (she was not ill) and they confiscated her walker! When she got back to Portland Occupy took up a collection and bought her a new one. She is a hero!


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OMG , shame on the cops! How dare they detain an elder person , remove her walker. It would be nice if somebody interviewed her.
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Brad looks a lot like her, I mean the facial features