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New Update from the Friends of WikiLeaks site
« on: August 27, 2012, 18:12:36 PM »
New Update emailed to all FoWL from the Friends of WikiLeaks site:

Dear Friends of WikiLeaks,

This is the first in a series of regular emails to members of Friends
of WikiLeaks, designed to keep you informed about relevant WikiLeaks
news and updates on the Friends of WikiLeaks community. These emails
contain important information designed to help you participate as an
active member and support WikiLeaks.

1. Friends of WikiLeaks latest friendship assignment round.

The latest friendship assignment round for Friends of WikiLeaks
occurred on August 16th. We urge you to log in and find out about your
new contacts. If you have made any drops since the previous round,
then they will have been replaced. If you are new to the network and
joined before the 16th, then you will have been given a full set of 12
new contacts. Remember, you won't be able to see your contacts until
they have logged in, so please keep checking back at . Why not take this opportunity
to log in yourself now, so your new friends can see you!

2. Donating to WikiLeaks.

After being subjected to a relentless banking blockade for 18 months,
WikiLeaks has found a way to accept credit card donations again. You
can now donate by Visa or MasterCard, as well as many other methods,
by visiting If you wish to
donate by credit card, then please do so soon, as this method might
not be available for very long. Without your support, WikiLeaks cannot
continue to operate!

3. Problems with logging in to .

Due to the popularity of Friends of WikiLeaks, it can sometimes take
very long to log in, especially after a friendship assignment round.
If log in is taking exceptionally long for you, then please be patient
and do not navigate away from the login page. We have had reports of
login taking up to 10 minutes, though this is rare.

4. Secure login key.

All new users of have been given a secure login key to
log in with. This replaces the old system of email + password. If you
registered before May 31 2012, then we urge you to log in again at By doing so, your account will
be fully encrypted, and you will be issued with a secure login key. It
is important to keep this somewhere safe, as it is impossible for us
to reset it.

5. Account problems in .

The launch of the first friendship assignment round for Friends of
WikiLeaks occured on July 2, 2012. This was an important milestone for
us, as it transformed from an idea into a proof of
concept. We are happy to announce that the site is functioning well,
but still not without some small problems.

A small number of users have informed us that they cannot log in with
their secure login key. Unfortunately, some keys are not being issued
correctly, and do not give access to the user's account. This problem
is irreversible, and we cannot recover these accounts as we have no
way of decrypting them. We urge you to log in as soon as you receive
your secure login key. If you receive an error message that the key is
invalid, then you will need to re-register. We apologise for any
inconvenience this may cause, and hope to have it fixed soon.

We have recently received feedback from a small number users who are
unable to edit their account details. We are now aware of this
problem, and are working to fix it. If this problem affects you, then
we ask that you be patient while we sort it out. Alternatively, you
can register a new account which hopefully will not have the same

6. WikiLeaks news resources.

The WikiLeaks twitter feed is the main
outlet for real-time updates about WikiLeaks and any important
developments, run by WikiLeaks staff.

The blog is a great source of more
broad and detailed news about WikiLeaks. It includes links to
WikiLeaks releases, facts about the legal and political persecution of
WikiLeaks staff and alleged sources, and information about upcoming
events relating to WikiLeaks.

the link to the site:


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Re: New Update from the Friends of WikiLeaks site
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2012, 18:50:23 PM »
my problem is the n. 5: when I try to log in I get the error message "invalid key". I'll try once again and then I'll re-register, which I didn't dare doing because I was afraid making a mess. thank you for
the informations!