Author Topic: During the DNC - Free Manning & Assange, Stop the Wars!  (Read 801 times)

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During the DNC - Free Manning & Assange, Stop the Wars!
« on: September 05, 2012, 00:04:04 AM »
During the Democratic National Convention - Free Manning & Assange, Stop the Wars!

A new Call for Action at Obama Campaign Offices Nationwide Sept. 6th during Democratic National Convention has just been issued by the Bradley Manning Support Network, Afghans For Peace and the SF Bay Iraq Veterans Against the War.

This call addresses an enormous need.  Who will refuse to be silent when Bradley Manning faces life in prison for giving the people the truth about the crimes of our government – while the war criminals themselves walk free?  Whose hearts will lift at seeing a wave of actions refusing to go along with the “lesser of two evils” and all its hellish wars and other crimes?  Imagine such actions everywhere – including where you live.

Start now.  Gather your people, make good plans.  Dream big and act together.  The World Can’t Wait.

Find a protest near you (ALSO check, or post your own. OR, join us in Charlotte to protest at the Democratic National Convention.

the link: