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Re: FW: RESEARCH REQUEST - EGYPT - military's money

Released on 2012-09-06 00:00 GMT
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Kevin Stech wrote:

See this request from Reva. I need you to start pulling reports on the
Egyptian military's economic influence. Businesses they run, who's
involved, anything on the scope of their role in the economy. Check the
following places:

Google search for filetype:pdf on things like "Egypt army economy" "Egypt
military economy" "Egypt military business" etc
Google scholar

Get me a big stack of reports put them in a folder, and then zip them up.
Have this ready to ship out in about half an hour.


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Point of this request is to break down the military's clout, financially


A big reason why Gamal and his buddies were so hated was because he was


this liberal economic reform platform. THe old guard NDP and military

didn't like

that because that's where all their money is. Similar to the situation

in Pakistan, the

military/NDP elite has a huge stake in major industries that they dont

want to see

privatized or opened up to foreign investment.

I want to be able to break this down in more detail. THere have been

plenty of

academic papers on the Pakistani military and their economic influence,


what percentage of the economy the miltary holds, what industries, etc..

I haven't

seen anything yet like that on Egypt, but we need to search hard for


deals with this issue. Next step then is to see if the names in the new


correspond with major industry. You should be able to see where I'm

going with this

The research gurus will coordinate taskings on this, but this request is

open to

anyone including ADPs

thanks a lot

Adam Wagh
STRATFOR Research Intern

You find a lot of *.pdf Files at the End of The Mails: