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Update 9/26/12: Matching grant challenge unveiled, whistle-blowers threatened as WL placed on military “terrorist” list, Assange addresses UN

Instances where the public discourse benefited from Cablegate.  This article was written last year by a Bradley Manning Support Network (BMSN) Steering Committee member, but recently rediscovered by BMSN staff.

The list includes some items on our own top ten information sheet, but also some different ones.  For example:

    Pfizer Allegedly Sought to Blackmail Nigerian Regulator to Stop Lawsuit Against Drug Trials on Children
    U.S. to Uganda: Let Us Know If You Want to Use Our Intelligence for War Crimes

A generous benefactor will match donations to the defense fund one-to-one for the next six weeks, in an amount up to $50,000.  Please help David Coombs continue to defend Bradley in court and help the Support Network continue to raise awareness — donate today!   For more information about the Bradley Manning Support Network’s budget, or to donate via paypal, go here.

Earlier today, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange addressed the United Nations via Skype.  Julian Assange was pleading his case for asylum in Equador.

“We commend and agree with the words that peace can be achieved… But the time for words has run out,” he said.

“It is time for the US to cease its persecution of WikiLeaks, our people and our sources.

The WikiLeaks founder told the UN panel that Bradley Manning, accused of “death penalty crimes”, was “degraded, abused and psychologically tortured”.

It was also revealed today that the U.S. military has put Assange and WikiLeaks in the same terrorist category as Al Qaeda and the Taliban, an aggressive measure that will likely have ramifications for Bradley’s defense.  Feel outraged by this decision?  Please take a minute to contact The White House.

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