Author Topic: 30,000 Tell Eric Schneiderman: We Need a Real Wall St Investigation  (Read 1142 times)

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30,000 Tell Eric Schneiderman: We Need a Real Wall St Investigation
October 10th 2012

 Tuesday morning, two activists with The Other 98%, Samantha Corbin and Nicole Carty, arrived at Attorney General Schneiderman’s office to let him know that over 30,000 people have urged him to bring forth serious criminal indictments of the Wall Street fraud that wrecked the global economy, before the five-year statute of limitations on mortgage fraud runs out. We also personally delivered to the taskforce your testimonials of how the economic collapse has affected your life and the justice that you want to see.
Just last week, when we first delivered our letter, it had 18,000 signatures – the outcry just keeps getting louder. Here’s the key text of the open letter we sent him:
“It’s time to indict Wall Street for mortgage fraud or resign from the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force – the statutes of limitations are running out on some of the worst crimes from the financial crisis, and we need you to take action on the biggest banks and worst offenders now, or step down in protest as you tell us why not.”

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