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The latest update from the FoWL website...
« on: October 21, 2012, 11:37:30 AM »
This is an important announcement about Friends of WikiLeaks.

1. Friendship assignment

The next Friends of WikiLeaks friendship assignment has now been done.
Please log in again at to find
out who your new friends are. For security reasons, your friends will
only be able to see your details after you log in again, and you will
be able to see theirs after they log in again.

Log in now to connect with other supporters. Check out your contacts,
meet with them if practical, and if you think they're courageous,
talented, diligent and committed, then start working with them to help
WikiLeaks. If you find some of them unsuitable, or they have not
logged in after a long time (over 2 weeks), you can drop them and we
will find you new friends to replace them. It's up to you to keep your
network as strong as possible!

2. Secure connection to

The Friends of WikiLeaks website is now using a
community-based certificate authority CAcert ( . Many
common operating systems do not yet recognise CAcert-issued
certificates, so if you visit your browser will
most likely display a security warning. To remove this warning, you
need to add some CAcert certificates to your operating system. This is
easy to do. Just to go ,
choose your operating system, and follow the instructions. Please note
that at no point has the security of been compromised.

3. Users receiving fewer than 12 contacts

For the moment, some users may not be receiving a full set of 12
contacts in each round. We are aware of this problem, and are doing
our best to rectify it. Automating the friendship assignment of many
thousands of supporters has been a difficult task, and we hope to have
it working properly in the near very future.

4. Improved login time

We have made some substantial upgrades to . As well as
adding many new languages, and a FAQ page (,
we have improved the account login times. The login process should now
be under 30seconds for all users (though maybe slightly higher in peak
periods like directly after an assignment round). We are working hard
to reduce this as much as possible, and hope that the current upgrade
makes our site more user-friendly.

Please log in to Friends of WikiLeaks now!

Por favor, inicie sesión en Friends of WikiLeaks ahora!

S'il vous plaît connectez-vous à Friends of WikiLeaks maintenant!

Bitte logge dich jetzt bei Friends of WikiLeaks ein!

Effettua il login per Friends of WikiLeaks ora!

Faça login para Friends of WikiLeaks agora!

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