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Support Bradley Manning Translations - "International support"
« on: November 22, 2012, 08:12:39 AM »
Hi everybody  :)

Worldwide protests in support of Bradley Manning are planned  for November 27, the first day of his next pretrial hearings.
Bradley Manning is currently facing his trial and for sure deserves all our support.

This board has been created to host all the posts, informations and comments in languages different from Eglish. This way whoever wants to stay informed, add comments and new info. in whatever language on Bradley's related facts, can do it here, in this specifical area.

As this is a very delicate moment, as the Support Bradley rallies and demonstrations are going to take place too these days, we have now focused more on translating Bradley Manning related articles and posts, so whoever can read the happening facts in their mother tongue and, at the same time, Bradley Manning can recive all our support in all the possible languages in this board.

To partecipate as volounteer board translator you can contact Irien, Arduina or anon1984 (or any admin) that will explain a bit better how to deal with the volounteer translations.

Reading the translations whoever, also the non-English speakers, can potentially stay more informed on what is going on, even if the media in their language are not reporting all the facts (in certain cases this happen); we can express what we think on the various situations in all the languages; in this case, we can also support Brdley in all the languages.

... Well, Enjoy this board and... Let's Internationally Stand For Brad' !
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