Author Topic: Assange-WikiLeaks Crypto Arms Call Triple Cross  (Read 1561 times)

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Assange-WikiLeaks Crypto Arms Call Triple Cross
« on: December 06, 2012, 03:09:12 AM »

Applying cryptography's bag of tricks to Julian Assange's introduction to the new book, Cypherpunks: Freedom and the Future of the Internet, entitled "A Call to Cryptographic Arms," it could be taken as a "A Cryptographic Call to Arms," that is, an encrypted warning contained within the plain text.

Assange-WikiLeaks, like cypherpunks, is masterfully wily at practicing the characteristic cryptography feature of duplicity, never revealing what is going on beneath public assurances of trustworthiness.

Assange-WikiLeaks, like cypherpunks, invokes open-closed cryptographic duplicity as his personal behavior and as the policy of the WikiLeaks initiative. Concealing, obscuring and diverting his personal affairs while seeking publicity, and concealing, obscuring and diverting the inner affairs of the operation for disclosing documents openly. This is cryptography in action, pretending to publish source code while concealing underlying subterfuge.

In the same fashion Assange-WikiLeaks has periodically published encrypted packages as "insurance" against takedown, it has also released the unredacted State Department cables by way of a complicated, presumably, orchestrated, leak. The leak of the password to the cable collection by giving it to journalists to publish is a classic instance of cryptographic dupery.

Cryptography formulates threats, ruses, disclosures, ploys, diversions, deceptions, double-crosses, triple-crosses to hide strengths and weaknesses, attacks and defenses, lies and dissimulations, assurances of innocence and candor. The strengths and weaknesses of its algorithms are a cloak for the nefaria of implementation, rich with all-too-often-backdoored Achilles heels which exculpt designers and coders and allow their privilege to tamper with the products, and best, issue endless urgent updates, as if sysadmins of the Internet, telecomms and natsec spies claiming need for control of infrastructure for system assurance.

Crypto AG is a classic instance of NSA deception, among many, to install a backdoor in a widely adopted encrypted system, then leaked decades later as a warning to those who think they can obtain fully secure communication systems.

A recent example if that of open source cryptography promoted as means to verify encryption systems by public disclosure and examination. Its shortcoming, and virtue to the wily, is that far from all cryptographers subscribe to the sharing venture -- notably those associated with governments, corporations and mendacious individual efforts, instead take open source and not reveal what is found of its weaknesses (to be exploited in secret) nor what is done with the gift. US spies have admitted they take open source but do not give back. Privacy policies and vows of protection of sources blow smoke.

The same could be said of leak sites, anonymizers, IRC, news and mail groups, social media, Skype, varieties of comsec offerings, and the Internet itself among its many levels of access. Offer services, free, paid, purloined or onioned, for which the take is much greater than the offerings -- the standard asymmetric-warfare model, derived from governance, education, non-profits and history's all-time leader, religion, the latter exceeded only by wily hyenas patrolling the herd to mount novel attacks to take down over-confident herdmasters.

Cryptographers do not trust one another. Cypherpunks triple cross as ruse, what lies beneath the ruse is what foments beneath Assange-WikiLeaks' Cypherpunks.

Consider that the Assange-WikiLeaks book Cypherpunks is a cryptographic ruse which conveys an encrypted body of secrets, additional insurance against the takedown of Assange and WikiLeaks to be declared after the volume is widely distributed in print and e-book form. A modern Lutherian proclamation of open and encrypted dissent against the corruption of closed and secret authority.

Further, imagine that Assange-WikiLeaks is planting encrypted bits in all its releases which can be decrypted at a future time, to re-assemble into a larger disclosure. In the world of cryptography this would be expected. Cypherpunks advocate this encrypted concealment, dispersion, distribution and future coalescence.

Pre-positioning attacks and defenses well before they are needed is conventional warfare -- as well as political, economic and philosophical enterprise. Cypherpunks, before, during and after WikiLeaks, has pre-positioned encrypted packs of arms demurely clothed in dissent from and opposition to governance, finance and faith.

Assange-WikiLeaks' cryptographic call to arms is a ruse triple-cross under a double-cross planted in roots of trust, openness masquerading for multi-level deception, in short, the essence of heavily-armored cryptography.