Author Topic: Court cuts Kamm's espionage sentence by 1 year  (Read 945 times)

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Court cuts Kamm's espionage sentence by 1 year
« on: December 31, 2012, 17:45:08 PM »
This article is not about Bradley Manning per se, but I thought it does show hope for his legal situation...

Court cuts Kamm's espionage sentence by 1 year
By JPOST.COM STAFF12/31/2012 10:04


4.5 year sentence of Kamm, convicted of leaking IDF documents to journalist, cut after appeal; sentence disproportional, court says.

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled to reduce by one year the four-and-a-half year sentence of Anat Kamm, convicted of stealing IDF documents during her military service and leaking them to Haaretz journalist Uri Blau.

The court decided to decrease Kamm's sentence after she issued an appeal of her October 2011 sentence in November 2011.

Skewed priorities in the Anat Kamm affair
Kamm, now aged 25, and who worked as a journalist after her army service for the Walla news portal, was convicted in February 2011 in a plea bargain under which she pleaded guilty to gathering and storing more than 2,000 classified military documents during her mandatory army service.

She also admitted to transferring the classified documents to Blau, a political affairs reporter for Haaretz, who used the classified material as the basis for two articles in late 2008.

Kamm began serving her sentence in November 2011 after having been under house arrest during her trial. Her attorney told Army Radio, after Monday's Supreme Court decision to reduce her sentence, that she would likely be released from Neveh Tirza Prison in Ramle in a little over a year's time in February 2014.

The court based its decision to decrease Kamm's sentence on the fact that she admitted to her crimes, saved the court time, cooperated with police investigators and was unlikely to commit such crimes again.

The court also found that Kamm's sentence was severe compared to others convicted of similar crimes, and unreasonable given that Blau, to whom she leaked the documents, was sentenced to only four months of community service for his part in the affair.

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