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Bradley in court next week: Gov't seeks to block reference to whistle-blower motives.
Judge Lind may rule on motion to dismiss charges based on unlawful pretrial punishment, and prosecutors to argue motion to block any reference to Bradley Manning’s whistle-blower motives. Two months remain before the court martial, take action!

Take action!
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Bradley Manning returns to court next week, January 8-11, 2013, for another pretrial hearing. Government prosecutors will argue their motion to block both any reference to the lack of harm caused by the released documents, and any reference of Bradley Manning’s whistle-blower motives, from the merits portion of his trial. If granted by military judge Col. Denise Lind, it will make it difficult for the defense to show that Bradley Manning released documents to uncover crimes and abuse and to better inform the American public. As Bradley’s lawyer David Coombs said, it could “cut Bradley’s defense at its knees”.

It is also possible that Judge Lind will rule on the defense motion to dismiss charges all the charges based on the abusive and unlawful pretrial treatment Bradley Manning endured at the Quantico Marine brig prison. PFC Manning was kept in solitary confinement for over nine months, against the consistent recommendations of brig psychiatrists. If Judge Lind finds that this treatment was intentionally punitive, she could throw out the charges against PFC Manning, or she could award him multiplied credit for sentencing, possibly as much as ten days credit for every day spent in solitary confinement.

Bradley Manning’s court-martial trial is currently scheduled to begin March 6, 2013. This gives us two months to ramp up our efforts. Help us pressure the government and military to do the right thing: free Bradley Manning. We are asking supporters to take action during the proceeding court dates, and particularly leading up to the court martial. You can find solidarity events in your area here, as well as register your own.

Court dates:

8-11 January 2013: Judicial notice motions and Defense witness litigation
16-17 January 2013: Defense Motion to Dismiss for Lack of a Speedy Trial
5-8 February 2013: Providence inquiry and “Grunden” issues (re. what portions of the trial will be closed to the public due to the government’s security concerns);
27 February – 1 March 2013: Grunden issues continued (re. what portions of the trial will be closed to the public due to the government’s security concerns)
6 March – 17 April 2013: Trial (18 March 2013: Current alternate trial start date)

How to Attend Bradley's Hearings

Following next week’s hearing, PFC Manning is scheduled to return to Fort Meade on January 16 and 17, to conclude the defense’s motion to dismiss for lack of a speedy trial. When that motion is argued, PFC Manning will have been awaiting trial in prison for nearly 1,000 days.
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