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Jeremy Hammond updates (Feb. 3 2013) - #FreeHammond! website
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Jeremy updates - by NA on Sun, Feb 03 2013

What's up world? Even though we here at Jeremy Hammond Defense Committee have not made a post recently, there has been a lot of things happening, something we attribute to a strange burst of lag in the cosmos as of recent. Please read this whole post, and check out a heavily updated links section.

First, I regret to inform that we have received a phone call from Jeremy the other day, telling us that he has been moved into solitary confinement, 'the hole' for an undetermined amount of time. We are not sure why, because our phone call was cut short when the battery died on my phone. This injustice was further confirmed when we conferred with his legal team, who have been visiting him on a daily basis since he was put in solitary confinement. At this point, he will not be able to receive visits (other than his lawyers) and will have heavy restrictions on phone calls. He is still able to receive mail, although less regularly. With hope, he will not be in the hole for too long and be 'lucky' to return to regular prison society sooner rather than later.

Secondly, there are some more details coming to light with regard to Lorretta Preska and her involvement with Stratfor. Looking over the documents, it is true that her husband, Thomas Kavaler is listed amongst the victims whose information was released in the Stratfor hack per context in the original indictment. Kavaler works for the corporate law firm Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP, who also have clients listed amongst the victims of the Stratfor hack. To us, this proves to be a clear conflict of interest for Preska and her ability to judge this case without bias. Although we have already seen Kavaler's cooperation with the prosecution by providing a statement claiming to have never subscribed to Stratfor's newsletters, we eagerly await the courts decision on the motion for recusal and expect a just decision on February 21st, 2013.

Article which articulates the judges affilliation with the hack:

Anonymous statement demanding Preska step down based on evidence:

Article on Revolution News articulating new contradictions with Stratfor subscription policies:

The state's response to the motion for recusal: (articulated more 2 blogs past)

Here is a radio show on Lorax FreeAnons where some folk are discussing the connections with the judge and the hack itself:

There is another tragic injustice that happened in the internet freedom movement that we at Jeremy Hammond Defense Committee want to mention... and we speak of Aaron Swartz. Aaron was a political activist who helped start and/or organize for many grassroot movements, including working against US legislation to 'censor' the internet (SOPA is the name for one of the censorship laws that has caused many incarnations). At the time of Swartz's death he was under heavy prosecution for computer fraud charges, some of which Jeremy is also being charged for, under the hands of the State, not MIT, the school where the incident took place and not JSTOR the 'victim' of the hack. The Federal Government is anxious to make judicial examples to set precedents in the age of privatized information, information that should be free, not a product to make profit, or a privilege only reserved for those who can afford it. Our hearts go out to Aaron, his family and friends. Aaron's struggle was the people's struggle and it is a fight that will be won!

Here is a video of Aaron speaking for the "Freedom to Connect', a must see:

Here is a  website with comments from  friends and family about Aaron's life:

We have also added a substantial amount of new information in the links section, reportbacks from New Orleans, where they had a group distributing leaflets for Jeremy, an article where Julian Assange talks shit on Dreamworks' movie about Wikileaks, saying that the content is war propaganda, and other articles of interest. Thanks much!

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