Author Topic: Correa Challenger Would Revoke Assange Asylum (El Comercio, Ecuador)  (Read 1056 times)

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Correa Challenger Would Revoke Assange Asylum (El Comercio, Ecuador)

Ecuador election, 2013: On Feb. 17, that nation goes to the polls, and current President Rafael Correa is thought to hold a wide lead.

"We, if we win the presidency, will take a serious look, with complete impartiality, and review this decision, which was taken in haste, by the Ecuadorian government. ... There is an independent judiciary in Sweden, and justice isn't handled like it is here in Ecuador."

-- Former Ecuador president and current candidate Lucio Gutierrez

Translated By Miguel Gutierrez

February 11, 2013

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Re: Correa Challenger Would Revoke Assange Asylum (El Comercio, Ecuador)
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I know Wikipedia may not be the most reliable source ;), but this is worrisome indeed, about Correa's challenger:

Lucio Gutiérrez Wikipedia entry:

..."..faced no criminal prosecution despite the fact he was a direct participant in the "coup d'état" that broke the democratic regime of Ecuador."

It's interesting how he tried to seem good in order to win votes, then turned around and instead kept the status quo:

He ran for president in 2002, hypocritically "on a platform of fighting corruption and reversing neoliberal economic reforms."

After becoming president, "Gutiérrez alienated many of his supporters by supporting the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) and by keeping the status-quo on economic issues. After three months of government, Gutiérrez broke his alliance with leftist parties and reached an agreement with the PSC, continuing the economic policies of its predecessors and increasing bonds with the United States. The government received increased frequent accusations of corruption and nepotism. After two years, Gutiérrez broke the agreement with the PSC, further weakening the government politically."


No wonder he is trying to win against Correa, and I don't doubt the CIA+ US gov't is "helping" somehow.
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