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Feb 10 - Recusal hearing, Press Conference - Jeremy Hammond
« on: February 11, 2013, 09:17:30 AM »
Recusal hearing, Press Conference, Pack the court room, support Jeremy!

 by NA on Sun, Feb 10 2013

On February 21st, 10:30, Jeremy will have a court date at MCC. We believe this is the date in which Loretta Preska will decide whether or not to recuse herself in this case. So, we are going, and we encourage people to come show Jeremy support by meeting in Foley Square outside the MCC  before going to courthouse, at 9:30, and we will have a short press conference about the political nature of Jeremy's case, seeing how he has been in jail for almost a year, without bail, with a biased judge. We with Jeremy Hammond Defense Committee look forward to meeting Jeremy's supporters in NY.

Here is a statement from Jeremy Hammond Support Network:

'Judge Loretta Preska will make her decision on a motion to recuse herself from the case against Jeremy Hammond on 2/21/2013. How a judge with a conflict of interest has the right to decide to step down from a case is beyond all reason. On the date of this decision, it is our goal to pack the courtroom and show Jeremy Hammond that we support him and fight with him. It is also our goal to show Judge Loretta Preska that we stand with the Jeremy Hammond Legal team and their motion to recuse this Judge and allow Jeremy the opportunity for a fair trial. Since Jeremy has been placed in solitary confinement, it is imperative that he see as much support as possible in the courtroom on this date. I ask that you join Jeremy's family and friends as we gather in Foley Square for a brief speech and then a short walk across the street to the Federal Courthouse to show support for Jeremy. These court hearings are the only chance Jeremy has to see his family, friends and supporters so it is vital that we attend this hearing. A press conference regarding the outcome of this motion will be held immediately following the hearing.'

taken from facebook event page: