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U.S. considers ‘Native Canadian groups’ as possible terror threats: embassy cables

by Jorge Barrera, APTN National News | 30. Apr, 2011

"OTTAWA-The U.S. has been keeping regular intelligence on potential security threats in Canada, including the activities of unnamed First Nations groups, according to two cables sent by the U.S. embassy in Ottawa and obtained by APTN National News.

The cables, labelled “secret,” were given to APTN by whistle-blower website Wikileaks. They were in a batch of about 800 cables that were not part of this week’s larger release of U.S. State Department cables originating in Canada.

They were embargoed until 9 p.m. ET Friday.

The cables, sent from the U.S. embassy in Ottawa, and titled, Security Environmental Profile Response For Mission Canada, appear to be part of regular updates on the situation in the country.

The U.S. identified the involvement of Aboriginal groups in anti-U.S. demonstrations and as possible terror threats in a Feb. 27, 2009 cable.

In a Feb. 16, 2005 cable, Aboriginal groups are only identified as possible terror threats.

The copy of the cables obtained by APTN, however, only include a “partial extract of the original cable,” according to the documents ..."

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Wow that is really scary, they tried to identify natives as terrorists.  Then they could do all kinds of things to them legally.  That wouldn't be accepted by the public here in Canada tho, at least I hope not!

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Well that's about 1,5 million people. Many of them are rightfully pissed. But I don't think they're "we'll blow you up" pissed.