Author Topic: Photo Essay: Indonesia: Rising Violence against Religious Minorities  (Read 1735 times)

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Human Rights Watch:
Photo Essay: Indonesia: Rising Violence against Religious Minorities

February 26, 2013


‪The Indonesian government is failing to protect the country’s religious minorities from growing religious intolerance and violence.‬ Human Rights Watch has documented the government’s failure to confront militant groups whose harassment and assaults on houses of worship and members of religious minorities has become increasingly aggressive. Indonesian monitoring groups have noted a steady increase in such attacks, and most perpetrators of these attacks have received little or no punishment. Local officials often have responded to acts of arson and other violence by blaming the victims. Additionally, ‪Indonesian government officials and security forces have often facilitated harassment and intimidation of religious minorities by making blatantly discriminatory statements, refusing to issue building permits for religious minorities’ houses of worship, and pressuring congregations to relocate. ‬

News Release:
Indonesia: Religious Minorities Targets of Rising Violence

In Religion’s Name

See the photos here:
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I am not surprised! Indonesia with a 250 million Moslems seldom tolerate others. The massacres of the minority Chinese and other religion denominations are norms. What can you do about it? Nothing.So sulked all you want!.