Author Topic: Bradley Manning as Whistleblower, Illegal Leaker? Truth Teller?  (Read 1294 times)

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An interesting question being discussed on twitter...

bmaz ‏@bmaz 1h
@Thomas_Drake1 @kgosztola Manning is not covered under either 1034 a1 or b1. !st Amend protect, if it exists, is not "whistleblower" as the

 Thomas Drake ‏@Thomas_Drake1 1h
[email protected] @kgosztola MWPA covers #Manning. However, his #WikiLeaks disclosures are not protected comms under MWPA, but are in public interest.

 bmaz ‏@bmaz 1h
@Thomas_Drake1 @kgosztola And the court specifically ruled on that nonsensical argument.

 Thomas Drake ‏@Thomas_Drake1 37m
[email protected] @kgosztola If u reject supporting me or #Manning as w'blowers going 2 press bcuz gov't also rejects us, what R we? Just leakers?!

 bmaz ‏@bmaz 28m
@Thomas_Drake1 @kgosztola Concerned citizens? It is not to say Manning's act are not admirable; but not a legally recognized whistleblower.

 Thomas Drake ‏@Thomas_Drake1 5m
[email protected] @kgosztola If #Manning not legal whistleblower, what is he? Illegal leaker? Truth teller? What about his motives? Actual disclosures?

   Well all legal jargon aside, the definition of what Bradley Manning is changes among government vs the common people. The government employees are probably always obligated to speak out against what he did, whereas the common people are grateful for his heroic efforts.  :)   
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