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WikiLeaks: Bradley Manning, "hero" of the author of leaks on Vietnam
Sydney : Australia | Mar 24, 2013 at 10:11 AM PDT

He waited decades before WikiLeaks revealed to the public thousands of confidential documents. Today, Daniel Ellsberg, the man behind the leak of the "Pentagon Papers" on the Vietnam War, considers Bradley Manning as a "hero."

The mole WikiLeaks accused of being behind the leak of military documents and thousands of U.S. diplomatic cables, is a champion of truth, certainly not a traitor to his country, argues this former military analyst now octogenarian in an interview with AFP.

"I can easily identify those who expose secrets", the famous "whistleblowers," says Ellsberg. "But with Bradley more than others. It deserves to be seen as a hero. Anyway, there is one for me."

From his home in Kensington, in the San Francisco Bay, California (west), said he hoped that the same young soldier jailed for three years was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace.

The story of young intelligence analyst in Iraq returns to his, when in 1971, he found himself behind the leak of 7,000 pages of documents, the famous "Pentagon Papers".

The secret report, officially named "Relations US-Vietnam 1945-1967, a study prepared for the Department of Defense," traced the history of American politics with Vietnam after the Second World War.

Once released by a dozen American newspapers, the documents showed that the U.S. government had been lying to the public about the commitment of the United States into the conflict.

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Manning orchestrated the leak is the most important since the "Pentagon Papers" and, according to Ellsberg, there are "frequently require this type of revelation."

"I could not have done it without photocopier. Manning could not have done what he did without USB," said he simply. Will inform the public about what the government wants to hide is the same.

Daniel Ellsberg also welcomes the role of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. He "was in unfamiliar territory, alone, and was the first to facilitate leaks by people like me or Manning," giving the tools to publish leaks and ensuring anonymity, judge says.

Criticisms against WikiLeaks, accused of put people in danger by these revelations, he sweeps his hand. "Ironically, the charges were leveled by people who are stained with the blood of innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen and elsewhere," retorts the activist.

The trial of Bradley Manning will begin in June and the young man is liable to imprisonment for "collusion with the enemy."

Daniel Ellsberg hopes the charges dropped. For the same reasons he himself escaped justice: the faults of government "offend the notion of justice."

Under the administration of Richard Nixon, he said he was the victim of illegal wiretapping, burglary of his doctor's office and even attempts to "neutralize completely." Actions that compares the treatment suffered by Manning in prison, where he was isolated for months and sometimes deprived of his clothes or sleep.

Ellsberg himself has been removed from the courtroom during an appearance of Bradley Manning, after trying to talk to him during a recess.

For Daniel Ellsberg, the U.S. government is "at war". "Call it the war against the revelation of the truth, especially the truth about the crimes, lies, war and carelessness of the government." Must deal with this, according to him, more Bradley Manning.

Source : AFP