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Malalai Joya says “I am Bradley Manning” – #FreeBrad #WikiLeaks

Posted by :Linda On : March 28, 2013


Afghan anti-war activist and feminist, Malalai Joya, says she supports Bradley Manning for “exposing the crimes and wrong-doings of the US government”, which “informed the world about the brutalities and inhuman acts of US army in my country which is suffering under US/NATO occupation … my people are being tortured and killed under a fake banner of ‘war on terror’”.

Malalai opposes the war on Afghanistan which she says has effectively replaced the previous Taliban rulers with Afghan warlords. Malalai says, “Instead of putting these ruthless murderers on trial for war crimes, the United States and its allies placed them in positions of power, where they continue to terrorize ordinary Afghans”.

Malalai wants foreign troops to leave her country so that the Afghan people can decide their own future. She says, “In the Taliban’s time, we had one enemy. But after 10 years of war, we now have three — the warlords, the Taliban and occupation forces.”

Malalai secretly taught girls during the period of Taliban rule, and was elected to the Afghan Parliament in 2005. Her suspension from the Parliament in 2007 for criticising her fellow MPs caused an international outcry. Six female Nobel Peace Prize laureates issued a statement demanding that she be reinstated.

As a result of her prominent activism, Malalai has been the target of numerous assassination attempts. However, in her book Raising My Voice, Malalai said “I don’t fear death; I fear remaining silent in the face of injustice”.

Like Malalai, Bradley Manning did not stay silent in the face of injustice. After witnessing the atrocities committed at the behest of his own government, Manning made the decision to leak thousands of classified US documents so that we may better understand the true nature of the wars waged in our name.

Malalai says, “In a just society, brave people like Manning should be celebrated while those sitting in the White House, Pentagon and Wall Street should be punished for their war-mongering policies and killing of innocent people around the world for their sinister personal gains”.

The Afghan Peace Volunteers have also spoken out in support of the actions of Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks. In October 2012 they provided the SAWC with a statement which we read at a rally for Assange and WikiLeaks. They have also formed the Afghan Friends of WikiLeaks.

Watch their latest video about the two children recently killed by NATO forces whilst tending cattle in Uruzgan Province:

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